Monday, April 10, 2017

This is Gabriela, our Brazilian friend.

Hope everyone had a terrific week and that life is treating you well!
Had a slow week out here but it was good nonetheless. Can't really
have a bad week as a representative of Jesus Christ, they don't exist.

Last Monday! Decided to go to a new area and pass by the houses of
some less active people. Nobody was home but we kept trying and got to
the last address we had. Rang the apartment and some guy poked his
head out and said no. Then five seconds later some lady pokes her head
out and says yes haha. So we walk up and they let us in and we start
talking to them and showed the new Easter video and talked about
Christ for a little bit and the guy who originally said no had a lot
of questions about Mormons, so we answered them and set a return
appointment for Wednesday.
Wednesday comes around and the lesson was stellar! One thing I love
about teaching is the ability to teach the same principles in many
different ways and we taught him in a way I never had used before and
it was perfect for him! He loved it and we have another lesson this
Wednesday so I'm pretty stoked for that. The guy who we were expecting
to meet is on vacation in Mexico and they're life long friends, so it
was a cool miracle to find him!

The only other lesson we had was with an old investigator and we
shared the new Easter video which is AMAZING and he loved it. His wife
was super sick so we didn't get a whole lot of time with him, but it
was a miracle to even get in his house haha. Has a naked chihuahua dog
named Papi who loves sitting on laps. Just a random note for you
hahah. But yeah! It was solid!

Well hopefully I have some better things to include next week! The
church is true and the book of Mormon is the word of God, read it!
Have a great week!

Families are forever,
Elder Gearig

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Reese Returns & Conferences

Hello everyone! We've had a crazy week. Zone conference on Friday then
general conference on Saturday and Sunday. Grand total of 17 hours of
conferences and I loved EVERY second of it.

I'll just share a couple stories now.
Thursday we had another family home evening with our bishop and his
wife, and our investigator Abraham and his girlfriend who's less
active. We had an intense lesson on the plan of salvation and it was
AMAZING. He had so many questions because he's been taught that his
dad is in limbo and his uncles are in hell and he's always known
that's not true, so to hear the truth was comforting to him. The plan
of salvation is TRUE. There is nothing so amazing than learning about
and testifying of this perfect plan. It brings so much peace into my
life and I know without the shadow of a doubt that families are
forever. It's all possible thanks to Jesus Christ and all He's done
for us. He knows how we feel and He will. Comfort. Us. I promise.

Thursday I called our good friend Saul to set up a lesson for the next
night. He had done some investigating online and was livid. He'd read
something crazy about tithing and how president Monson is filthy rich and
whatnot. I was like "cmon Saul, let's talk like men." So he agreed to
meet Friday night. Friday we had intercambios so Elder Wade would be
with me, which is exactly what I needed. THEN I remembered Elder Reese
would be there for zone conference so we pulled some strings and got
him in the lesson with us. Elder Wade, Elder Reese, and Elder Gearig.
The trio. We were all zone leaders at the same time so we know each
other pretty well, and I jokingly said that "Satan is trembling right
now." As we were preparing for the lesson. I wasn't wrong.

In walked Saul and we started teaching him. It was so terribly
awesome. He left after and PRESIDENT AND HERMANA PACK MEET HIM.
President Pack started talking to him and whatnot then asks him how he
liked our message. Saul awkwardly looked around... And president said
"believe it or not, but these young men are actual representatives of
Jesus Christ. If you listen to them you'll know the truth." And then
he leans towards Sauls face and his smile goes away, he stares into
his eyes and reads his soul.... Then says pointing to his heart "but
you have. To listen. With. This." THE CHILLS that ran down my body.
Saul walked out, and we'll never see him again (he's moving tomorrow)
but at least he got the best possible lineup of spiritualness.

Conference was Amazing! There aren't words. I've never been so
spiritually emotional and learned so much. Sustaining president Monson
was such a spiritual experience for me. There's no doubt he's God's man
on the earth with the keys right now. No doubt. His talks were short,
but powerful. Can't wait to read them again! I loved the quote "you
can't talk about a light in the world, without speaking about the
Light OF the World." Golden! Have a great week and know God loves you!
PS sorry for all the pictures with monkeys

Families are forever,
Elder Gearig