Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Long Time No See

Good morning! I know I just wrote like five days ago so I just wanted
to say hi. 

The bus ride back from Madrid on Wedneday was terrible. No AC and
there was this little girl who wouldn't stop bawling and her mom was
publicly beating her and yelling in some different language. I got so
sick seeing her just beat this little girl. Like look, she's not gonna
stop crying if you're beating her up! So I thought she would stop. She
didn't. Nobody knew what to do. So after like twenty minutes I finally
took it into my own hands. I tapped the mother and tried speaking
Spanish to her but she didn't speak Spanish but she got my message.
She handed me her girl and I took her with me to my seat. This girl
was just drenched in sweat, poor thing. Thank goodness for iPads
because we played with photo booth for a solid thirty minutes. She
smelled really bad as well. But she stopped crying and managed a few
smiles as well lol. It was fun. Don't beat your kids.

Photo booth magic with the little girl

Well not much has happened since last Wednesday. Had exchanges with
Elder Smith and it was awesome(: ate with the most solid family I've
met out here, then we played ball with a group of our friends here.
Him and I hooked it up on some plays. Felt good to actually play with
someone who knows how to play ballFace with tears of joy he may be short, but his jump
shot makes up for his heightSmiling face with Sunglasses

Elder Smith & Elder Gearig w/Graffiti Man

There's this dude who always plays with us but never stays for our
lesson we teach after, but this time he did! So we took advantage and
started talking to him. Gave him a BoM and he started reading what I
asked him to read, then keeps reading! Hahah he said "the
Lamanites....that rings a bell.." Uhh dude, how on earth have you
heard of the Lamanites?#premortallife so we just went with the ,essays
of the restoration on the spot. It was so cool! In our street clothes
teaching this guy, just how I pictured it before the mission. This guy
was so stoked to read and learn more! We are really excited for him.
Then elder smith and I went back to piso to get some things, then back
to our other piso (the vacant Hermanas piso) to sleep because we had
to catch an early bus the next morning. We got there and I said
"elder, you're gonna kill me." Lol I left the keys. It's a solid 30
minute walk back. So safe to say we had a really late night. But it
was an awesome exchange and it's nice finding the people God is
preparing, especially through using our gifts he gives us.

Spiritual thought. I loved the conference talk about how we have to b
a good follower to be a good leader. This quote sums it up
"There will be times when the path ahead seems dark, but keep
following the Savior. He knows the way; in fact, He is the way."
When we out our trust in Him who knows all, even when there is no
light ahead (so it seems) and we take that step into darkness, He
illuminates more steps for us so we can see. The process constantly
repeats itself during our lives, we just have to keep trusting in Him
and follow Him, and others will follow us. We are all leaders and we
are our followers!

That's about it! Hope all is super swell back home and that life is awesome!

Elder Gearig
Enviado por mi Liahona

Elder Kyle Gearig
Avenida de Francia 1, 12, 4*D 
Toledo, Toledo 45005

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Well today we went to the temple and it was just amazing!!! 

So Satan is really going hard on our investigators. Fabricio is still
in Barcelona but we've been checking in in him and stuff. Adela got a
job in the south for three weeks so she's gone, right after she got
her baptismal date too hahah, Satans just going off. But we had a
couple lessons with her and she came to church again and she loves it!
She's super excited to be baptized when she gets back. We had some
crazy lessons with her this last week. Sunday night was unreal. We
knew we would have a problem with one of the commandments and we're
gonna teach it when she got back from her job. But Sunday I gave a
talk as well as a member about missionary work and the spirit was just
super strong and it went from irreverent to reverent real quick. Like
0-100 real quick if I do say. So I get done and the member finishes
and this Spanish EFY singer is in our ward and sang a song from the
Efy album and everyone was just silent for the first time in three
months, then this big ole gyps of a high councilman starts his
talk...about the law of chastity...like idk how things roll but you
probably shouldn't give a talk like that when there are multiple non
members in the chapel. It was super super fuerte too. Like borderline
inappropriate and not completely doctrinally correct. So we had to
teach that lesson unexpectedly. Luckily we had good member support.
There was a moment of silence of a few minutes without anyone saying
anything and I almost passed out from the spirit being so strong. We
looked up and she was just bawling and said she knows she has to fix
some things. I gave her a blessing of strength and comfort after and
we finished with a selfie. She was super happy after that so we left
on a super good note. She's called and texted us like 100 times since
then telling us about her life away from Toledo lol. She's so awesome
and we're super excited for her.
With her and Fabricio, I've been super humbled. They're both so
willing to drop old habits cold turkey and change their lives to
follow Christ. It's been amazing and my heart has been so full of love
and happiness for them lately. Except for the fact that Satan keeps
dragging them away hahah. But it'll be good for them to have an
absence from us for a little bit.

Yesterday we had exchanges with the ZLs. I went with elder esquen from
Peru so I was stoked to get back to my 100% Spanish for a day. Elder
Wright and I try to talk Spanish.....We ate with this member and she just loved me right
from the get go and kept saying she feels like she knows me. Then she
started telling me how handsome I was lol. I got emberassed of course
and she thought it was adorable. She's awesome. She asked me to give
her a blessing afterwards as well which I thought was interesting
because the other two ZLs know her for like three months but she asked
me to give it...like I just met you girl but yeah sure. Also her
daughter leaves for Utah tomorrow for vacations.
Last night we visited another family. We taught s lesson about the BoM
and I've never felt e spirit like that in a member lesson before.
They're not super active but it was so cool anyways. They told their
stories of the first time they knew the Bo
M was true and the spirit
just overwhelmed us. Invitation: bear your testimony about the BoM to
somebody! Then they ordered pizza in the middle of the lesson and fed
us after. They gave me their number and address and told me I had to
come visit them some day. I think I'll be transferred there
eventually. It's like polar opposite of Toledo hahah.

Well that's how I'll end it! Actually no, one more quick story.
Yesterday we were passing by old investigators and we got to this one
apartment building and this address didn't exist. So I was like
"well..we might as well knock a door and ask the people of they know
anything." So I knocked a random door, SIKS! The Spirit knocked it!
Because this guy opened up and was so accepting of what we taught him
through the door! It just felt so natural and the spirit was just
slapping this guy I'm sure of it! He said he'd come to church this
Sunday and that the elders can come back Saturday. So we were happy
about that. Miracle!

Okay, well have a good week and we'll talk to ya on Monday!

Elder Gearig

A Family had a bunny

Pictures of our Piso (apartment) 

Monday, May 16, 2016

An apostle, roller coasters, Spanish Bullfight ring, and other things

Elder Gearig & Elder Wright
2 Miners (Bingham)

Elder Gearig & Elder Reese
Bingham vs. Lone Peak
Hey y'all. This one should be somewhat short ...Also I'll hit 9 months Wednesday so if I was an Hermana (Sister) I would
definitely be 1/2 over. That's super scary actually.

Anyways lets hit the good stuff.

Monday-Wednesday was spent preparing Fabricio for baptism! He had his
interview and we were planning the services and we were all just
stoked! We were so excited for him and he was even more excited! It's
been such a humbling experience seeing this guy go through the
process. I'm gonna share a story about him real fast.
So we taught him the WoW last week, remember? So the night after he
was put through the first test. He went to a party with his wife, kid,
and friends. Around 1 am the drinks come out and his friends are
passing them all around and he keeps saying no. His friends got super
mad but let him be. Around 2 everyone is hammered except him and his
family. His friends get super mad again that he wouldn't drink and he
set down a drink they handed and said "look, I used to drink. I don't
anymore. Respect it and leave me alone." Then said to his wife "let's
go, we have to go to church tomorrow." And they left! He was telling
us the story and I just had tears in my eyes the whole time. This guy
is something else. It's been so humbling to see his willingness to
change his life and stick to it! He's awesome.
Our phone broke that night so we were out of contact for a few days.
Got the new phone, called him up, and he was in Barcelona.... Uhh
what?? Yeah he finally got a job offer there so he left asap. We were
stunned. Like he's being baptized the 22nd and he won't be here. He
kept thanking me for all we've done to help him change his life and
find the gospel over and over...then after the conversation we ended
the call. He doesn't know when he will be back...but I know 100% that
he will be baptized and finish his journey, just to start the next
one. I'm fully confident and know we have done our part to help him!
The next missionaries will have an easy baptism lol. I'm gonna miss
him though.

So the other part of the roller coaster was when it was my turn to do
a baptismal interview. Hopped on the bus and took off to the other
elders area. Of course Satan had to do his job, so there was a big
wild fire next to this guys house and he was evacuated so we got there
for no reason. We'll have to go back again next week.

Saturday was so awesome. Elder Bednar came to our mission!! He
addressed us for three hours Saturday and the whole mission was there
so I got to see Elder Holt and Ferro from Vigo! Saw a bunch of others
as well and it was just awesome. We had an awesome conversation with
Elder Bednar and Elder Kearon (British guy who spoke in conference in
April) and the spirit was absolutely unreal. To be in a room where
EVERY person was called by God was something I'll never forget. 150
missionaries, 1 apostle, 1 member of the 70, mission president... It
was awesome. I learned so much that I don't even know what to write.
But I know that I am called of God to preach this gospel, and I know
that we have living prophets on the earth today. It was an unreal

Adela is ready for baptism as well! Taught her last night and had an
amazing lesson. We have yet to set an official date but we'll get the
date set tomorrow. But she is completely ready and has more ganas (motivation) to
learn and be a member than everyone I've ever met. We are super
excited for her and I've been even more humbled by teaching her. She's
awesome so stay tuned for next week with her(:

I said this would be short but I guess I lied. SorryGrinning face with smiling eyes
In preparation for Elder Bednar, we were given four of his talks to
study. I really liked "ask in faith" from 2008. He talked about how to
make prayers more meaningful and how we need to surrender our Will for
Gods. At times we know what Gods will is, but we are too scared to
take the step of faith, or don't know where to start, or are too
afraid or stubborn to accept it. But when we have enough faith to give
him everything we have and ask him in faith, we become who he wants us
to be. But how do we know his Will if we don't ask him? We have to ask
for his will for us and be willing to act on the answer, no matter
what it might be. It's a lifelong process and I know it will bless the
life of every person. I know it's changed mine...

Love you all and have a gr8 week!

Buckled up for the ride,
Elder Gearig

Monday, May 9, 2016

I saw a Lambo (and elder Reese). And my first lesson with a Spaniard‏

Well last night was awesome. Got to skype the fam and most importantly
my wonderful mother(: fastest 41 minutes of my life. Happy Mother's
Day to all!(:

Say hi to Momma Tonna everyone!

Howdy y'all. I couldn't think of what we did this week so my subject
line is what happened today. 'Twas a fun PDay. Went to downtown Madrid
and hung out with my man Elder Reese whom I haven't seen in 3 months
so that was a good time. We also turned the corner and saw a
Lamborghini Hurricane just chillin. Matte Black and I almost died,
photos to be attached, oh Madrid...

Lamborghini mercy....

Also it's my neither birthday today, and Austin Halls on Thursday I
believe so make sure to shoot him an email.

Well this last week was super slow at first because we weren't able to
meet with any of our actual investigators until Friday.
But Thursday we had a lesson with this Spanish guy. After the lesson I
realized that was my first lesson with somebody from Spain on my
mission. I'm pushing 9 months and just had my first lesson with a
Spaniard. I'm not even joking. But,
He actually showed up! So that alone was the miracle of the night. We
taught him the restoration of course and he loved it! Elder Wright
stopped this guy in the street actually and gave him a BoM on the spot
hahah. How greenies do it...I have no idea. But he did! Anyways, the
lesson was awesome and he wants to meet again so we didn't reject that
offer. We had him read the first vision and he couldn't see super well
so he read really slow and the Spirit was SO strong. I love the first

Friday we met with our investigator finally. His names Fabricio if I
didn't say that last week and this guy is so prepared! We sat down and
he just went off about how happy he is and how much he needs this
change! Then he asked me this question "drinking is allowed right?"
Uhh.... This is the third time we've met with this guy and he's
begging for the Word of Wisdom lesson. Side note: you prooooooobably
shouldn't teach the WoW in your third visit. But I felt super good
about it so we did it. And he loved it! He was like "yeah yeah it
really isn't good for you..it'll be hard but I feel like I need to
drop this habit. Can you give me a blessing?" Hahah uhhhhhh yeah okay!
It was awesome to see this guys love for his family and for Christ.
Completely willing to do whatever it takes to follow Christ! It's been
a humbling experience and he asked to be baptized this Sunday. But we
can't make that happen so the 22nd it should! We're super excited for
him! As long as he stays from the beer lol. His wife told us "yeah he
asks me to bring him a beer from the store and I reply 'no! You have
legs! I am not supporting this.'" Yeah preach it girl! They'll be in
track to be sealed in the temple this time next year(: super excited.
Took him back to the CCMSmirking face(MTC in Spanish, also a bank here)
Other than that, not much as happened! Just another awesome week with
Elder Wright out here in Spain(: loving life and preaching at good
Gospel to the unbelievers. Couldn't think of a better way to be
spending my time! Have a gr& week!

Elder Gearig