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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Well today we went to the temple and it was just amazing!!! 

So Satan is really going hard on our investigators. Fabricio is still
in Barcelona but we've been checking in in him and stuff. Adela got a
job in the south for three weeks so she's gone, right after she got
her baptismal date too hahah, Satans just going off. But we had a
couple lessons with her and she came to church again and she loves it!
She's super excited to be baptized when she gets back. We had some
crazy lessons with her this last week. Sunday night was unreal. We
knew we would have a problem with one of the commandments and we're
gonna teach it when she got back from her job. But Sunday I gave a
talk as well as a member about missionary work and the spirit was just
super strong and it went from irreverent to reverent real quick. Like
0-100 real quick if I do say. So I get done and the member finishes
and this Spanish EFY singer is in our ward and sang a song from the
Efy album and everyone was just silent for the first time in three
months, then this big ole gyps of a high councilman starts his
talk...about the law of idk how things roll but you
probably shouldn't give a talk like that when there are multiple non
members in the chapel. It was super super fuerte too. Like borderline
inappropriate and not completely doctrinally correct. So we had to
teach that lesson unexpectedly. Luckily we had good member support.
There was a moment of silence of a few minutes without anyone saying
anything and I almost passed out from the spirit being so strong. We
looked up and she was just bawling and said she knows she has to fix
some things. I gave her a blessing of strength and comfort after and
we finished with a selfie. She was super happy after that so we left
on a super good note. She's called and texted us like 100 times since
then telling us about her life away from Toledo lol. She's so awesome
and we're super excited for her.
With her and Fabricio, I've been super humbled. They're both so
willing to drop old habits cold turkey and change their lives to
follow Christ. It's been amazing and my heart has been so full of love
and happiness for them lately. Except for the fact that Satan keeps
dragging them away hahah. But it'll be good for them to have an
absence from us for a little bit.

Yesterday we had exchanges with the ZLs. I went with elder esquen from
Peru so I was stoked to get back to my 100% Spanish for a day. Elder
Wright and I try to talk Spanish.....We ate with this member and she just loved me right
from the get go and kept saying she feels like she knows me. Then she
started telling me how handsome I was lol. I got emberassed of course
and she thought it was adorable. She's awesome. She asked me to give
her a blessing afterwards as well which I thought was interesting
because the other two ZLs know her for like three months but she asked
me to give I just met you girl but yeah sure. Also her
daughter leaves for Utah tomorrow for vacations.
Last night we visited another family. We taught s lesson about the BoM
and I've never felt e spirit like that in a member lesson before.
They're not super active but it was so cool anyways. They told their
stories of the first time they knew the Bo
M was true and the spirit
just overwhelmed us. Invitation: bear your testimony about the BoM to
somebody! Then they ordered pizza in the middle of the lesson and fed
us after. They gave me their number and address and told me I had to
come visit them some day. I think I'll be transferred there
eventually. It's like polar opposite of Toledo hahah.

Well that's how I'll end it! Actually no, one more quick story.
Yesterday we were passing by old investigators and we got to this one
apartment building and this address didn't exist. So I was like
"well..we might as well knock a door and ask the people of they know
anything." So I knocked a random door, SIKS! The Spirit knocked it!
Because this guy opened up and was so accepting of what we taught him
through the door! It just felt so natural and the spirit was just
slapping this guy I'm sure of it! He said he'd come to church this
Sunday and that the elders can come back Saturday. So we were happy
about that. Miracle!

Okay, well have a good week and we'll talk to ya on Monday!

Elder Gearig

A Family had a bunny

Pictures of our Piso (apartment) 

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