Monday, May 9, 2016

I saw a Lambo (and elder Reese). And my first lesson with a Spaniard‏

Well last night was awesome. Got to skype the fam and most importantly
my wonderful mother(: fastest 41 minutes of my life. Happy Mother's
Day to all!(:

Say hi to Momma Tonna everyone!

Howdy y'all. I couldn't think of what we did this week so my subject
line is what happened today. 'Twas a fun PDay. Went to downtown Madrid
and hung out with my man Elder Reese whom I haven't seen in 3 months
so that was a good time. We also turned the corner and saw a
Lamborghini Hurricane just chillin. Matte Black and I almost died,
photos to be attached, oh Madrid...

Lamborghini mercy....

Also it's my neither birthday today, and Austin Halls on Thursday I
believe so make sure to shoot him an email.

Well this last week was super slow at first because we weren't able to
meet with any of our actual investigators until Friday.
But Thursday we had a lesson with this Spanish guy. After the lesson I
realized that was my first lesson with somebody from Spain on my
mission. I'm pushing 9 months and just had my first lesson with a
Spaniard. I'm not even joking. But,
He actually showed up! So that alone was the miracle of the night. We
taught him the restoration of course and he loved it! Elder Wright
stopped this guy in the street actually and gave him a BoM on the spot
hahah. How greenies do it...I have no idea. But he did! Anyways, the
lesson was awesome and he wants to meet again so we didn't reject that
offer. We had him read the first vision and he couldn't see super well
so he read really slow and the Spirit was SO strong. I love the first

Friday we met with our investigator finally. His names Fabricio if I
didn't say that last week and this guy is so prepared! We sat down and
he just went off about how happy he is and how much he needs this
change! Then he asked me this question "drinking is allowed right?"
Uhh.... This is the third time we've met with this guy and he's
begging for the Word of Wisdom lesson. Side note: you prooooooobably
shouldn't teach the WoW in your third visit. But I felt super good
about it so we did it. And he loved it! He was like "yeah yeah it
really isn't good for'll be hard but I feel like I need to
drop this habit. Can you give me a blessing?" Hahah uhhhhhh yeah okay!
It was awesome to see this guys love for his family and for Christ.
Completely willing to do whatever it takes to follow Christ! It's been
a humbling experience and he asked to be baptized this Sunday. But we
can't make that happen so the 22nd it should! We're super excited for
him! As long as he stays from the beer lol. His wife told us "yeah he
asks me to bring him a beer from the store and I reply 'no! You have
legs! I am not supporting this.'" Yeah preach it girl! They'll be in
track to be sealed in the temple this time next year(: super excited.
Took him back to the CCMSmirking face(MTC in Spanish, also a bank here)
Other than that, not much as happened! Just another awesome week with
Elder Wright out here in Spain(: loving life and preaching at good
Gospel to the unbelievers. Couldn't think of a better way to be
spending my time! Have a gr& week!

Elder Gearig

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