Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Family Tree

The Family Tree (from left) My little brother (Elder Muller), my dad,(Elder Jones) the oldest brother (Elder 'Me'), my son (Elder Wright)

Just a couple Miners looking for Gold (Elder Wright from Bingham High=Miners)

Sister Warner from our home ward in Utah (in white) going to Vigo!

Saw my 'Papa' 
Goooooood morning everybody!

So guess who I am training?! CODY WRIGHT (friends from Bingham High) . Like am I joking? Absolutely
not! It's happening! It was insane when it all happened! We freaked
out and like tackled each other and was epic. President
talked to me after and was like "we had no idea you guys were friends
until five minutes before. I gave it a thought and I'm not changing
it. It was the revelation I received so that's how it's supposed to
be." Boo ya!! It was such a cool thing. We are happy and loving
serving together(: it's been a blast!

So Jaquelyn Warner went to Bingham as well and was in my ward back
home and just came out of the MTC here as well. Guess where she's going??
VIGO!!!! 3rd Ward is representing Vigo strong! I freaked out just as
much when that happened. Best place on earth.

Also I found out I was having a brother as well! Elder Jones is
training at the same time as me! Only in a Mormon family do you have a
dad and a son having children at the same time(;

Holy cow it's been a craaaaaaazy week. But like I said, we've been
loving it. We picked up a few investigators this last week and invited
a couple to be baptized so stay tuned for more of this next week. Ones
name is Fabricio and he took the lessons about six years back but
decided he wanted nothing to do with the church even though his wife
is a member. They just had a baby two months ago and started coming to
church after. He talked to me and asked if we could visit him so of
course we said yes. So we taught him for the first time this past
Thursday and it was UNREAL PEOPLE. This guy had.completely.changed. He
wants everything to do with the church now and when we returned to see
him on Friday he was telling all out the BoM and everything he had
read and wanted to know more. Buckle up! It was unreal. This guys love
for his child and wife is spectacular. He wants everything this church
has to offer for his little baby and elder wright bore a testimony in
his broken Spanish and we all started crying. It didn't make much
sense, but it brought the spirit and it was awesome. Loving this guy.
Thumbs up sign🏼

Yesterday we had a cool experience. We were heading to this lesson
with another family. *pause, rewind two week* we ran into this
Dominican, Willie in the streets and this guy was legit. Wanted to
talk to us and we hit it off real good. Got his number, called him one
time, then lost his number. I was heartbroken because like I said,
this guy is legit! For two weeks I've been constantly praying to find
him again. We walked up and down the same place where we saw him first
over, and over, and over. Nothing. *fast forward to yesterday* so
yeah, going to this lesson. Turn the corner and BAM! Willie! I was
stoked, he was stoked, Elder Wright was confused, it was a special
moment. Embraced each other and got talking about God right away. Got
a lesson with him this week and I'm stoked! He's teaching me how to
make Dominican food as well. It's a win win situation. If we would
have been 30 seconds off on our timing we wouldn't have ran into him.
Prayer=answered. The lesson failed us so there was no point to go
there, but God put us there to find Willie, not teach that lesson. It
was surreal.

Well that's what I got for this week. I actually have a lot lot more
but not much more time. Quote of the week comes from President Monson,
"may we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong."
As well as...Black down arrow️
"God is more pleased with repentant sinners who are trying to draw
closer to Him than with self-righteous, faultfinding individuals who,
like the Pharisees and scribes of old, do not realize how badly they
need to repent."
God really cares about who we are trying to become! It's never too late
to make the turn and head back to the right path. There is no "point
of no return" with the Atonement. We are all sinners and all need to
repent. Make like Nike and Just Do It.

Telling Wright from wrong,
Elder Gearig

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