Monday, April 25, 2016

First of all thank you for the birthday wishes! It was definitely a
birthweek and birthday to remember. 
The Hermanas made him a birthday cheesecake!!!

Had some crazy experiences but
I'll explain those in a sec. People getting engaged, people getting
mission calls, life is crazy!

 Well had exchanges with my man Elder Smith on Wednesday! We've been
talking for this moment for like two months and it finally happened!
Taught a couple less active lessons and a lesson with our Chinese
investigator. Won't explain too much more for lack of time and space.
But he's a stud and I love him(: 

 Saturday is where the fun starts. Got a call Saturday about 5 from the
AP's and I'll be training this transfer! Finally I'll have a son! Also
my father, Elder Jones, is training so I'll also have a brother! Elder
Reese was transferred to the heart of Madrid and will be a DL there so
we can spend Pdays together now(: our dreams are coming true lol. I'm
super excited for the challenge. I'm also sad because my companion and
I were doing so so well together. 7 weeks was a short transfer but
it's okay(: so we taught a lesson to an investigator late Saturday
night, right when we got transfer calls. So we didn't know what was
going on until about 11. They're taking the Hermanas from Toledo):
they had to clean their piso all day to prep it. They're also taking
the car away from us. Idk why but we'll have to drop some people we
are teaching now. We're pretty mad but hey, the work will go on. As of
right now I'm here in Madrid with the ZLs until tomorrow when I pick
up my greenie! Maybe it'll be Cody Wright.. How cool would that be? 

 We found this Romanian Family the other night. Four of them and only
two speak Spanish. We taught them and the language barrier caused some
problems but the Spirit was undeniable. They are super super poor and
are in a good position to accept the gospel, but we shall see. We were
able to give the grandfather a blessing because his health is causing
them heavy financial debts. He speaks zero Spanish but we did it
anyways. It was hard for me to stay standing during the blessing
because the Spirit was so strong. He may not of understood anything,
but they were so so grateful for it. He mumbled out a "muchas gracias"
and then we left after. Good family.

 I'm sorry if I don't have time to reply to personally emails from
anybody but we're super busy with things here right now so until the
next week! Thanks again for the birthday wishes(: 

 Teach me how to Father, 

Elder Gearig 

The last Toledo selfie

"In the hood." Lol. Literally.

Deuces  to my Spanish brother

The Spain-guin still going strong

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