Friday, April 15, 2016

The (no flex) Zone

Good morning all. Good morning indeed.
Well not a lot happened this week so this should be rather short.
You're welcome.Heavy black heart️

Monday night we finished conference and I, as well as everybody else, loved Elder Hollands talk. I love that we can try, fall
short, and still get brownie points in heaven! If we constantly strive
to be like Christ and do all we can then he lays the rest. I wish
school was like that hahah.

So I've decided to study one conference talk every week in the six
months leading up to October Conference. So obviously I started from
the top with President Eyrings! I love that man so much. Wish I could
just give him a hug and a fist bump. I love the Parable of the Sower
and his relation with it that he mentioned. If we truly want the seed
(word of God) to grow and be strong we have to plant it in good soil
(our hearts). We constantly nourish it (study, temple, prayer, etc.)
that way when our brother Satan tempts us, our roots are deep enough
that we stay strong and don't give in. Love it! Also when two or three
are gathered in the name of Christ, He is there with us as well! It's
His conference, His church, His gospel, and we're in charge of
choosing whether or not to accept it. It's a decision! So "Choose
wisely..." -Indiana Jones quote for you dad.Smiling face with smiling eyes
Have a gr9 week and don't miss a chance to share this happiness with others!

Wisely choosing,
Elder Gearig

The (no flex) Zone

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