Monday, May 16, 2016

An apostle, roller coasters, Spanish Bullfight ring, and other things

Elder Gearig & Elder Wright
2 Miners (Bingham)

Elder Gearig & Elder Reese
Bingham vs. Lone Peak
Hey y'all. This one should be somewhat short ...Also I'll hit 9 months Wednesday so if I was an Hermana (Sister) I would
definitely be 1/2 over. That's super scary actually.

Anyways lets hit the good stuff.

Monday-Wednesday was spent preparing Fabricio for baptism! He had his
interview and we were planning the services and we were all just
stoked! We were so excited for him and he was even more excited! It's
been such a humbling experience seeing this guy go through the
process. I'm gonna share a story about him real fast.
So we taught him the WoW last week, remember? So the night after he
was put through the first test. He went to a party with his wife, kid,
and friends. Around 1 am the drinks come out and his friends are
passing them all around and he keeps saying no. His friends got super
mad but let him be. Around 2 everyone is hammered except him and his
family. His friends get super mad again that he wouldn't drink and he
set down a drink they handed and said "look, I used to drink. I don't
anymore. Respect it and leave me alone." Then said to his wife "let's
go, we have to go to church tomorrow." And they left! He was telling
us the story and I just had tears in my eyes the whole time. This guy
is something else. It's been so humbling to see his willingness to
change his life and stick to it! He's awesome.
Our phone broke that night so we were out of contact for a few days.
Got the new phone, called him up, and he was in Barcelona.... Uhh
what?? Yeah he finally got a job offer there so he left asap. We were
stunned. Like he's being baptized the 22nd and he won't be here. He
kept thanking me for all we've done to help him change his life and
find the gospel over and over...then after the conversation we ended
the call. He doesn't know when he will be back...but I know 100% that
he will be baptized and finish his journey, just to start the next
one. I'm fully confident and know we have done our part to help him!
The next missionaries will have an easy baptism lol. I'm gonna miss
him though.

So the other part of the roller coaster was when it was my turn to do
a baptismal interview. Hopped on the bus and took off to the other
elders area. Of course Satan had to do his job, so there was a big
wild fire next to this guys house and he was evacuated so we got there
for no reason. We'll have to go back again next week.

Saturday was so awesome. Elder Bednar came to our mission!! He
addressed us for three hours Saturday and the whole mission was there
so I got to see Elder Holt and Ferro from Vigo! Saw a bunch of others
as well and it was just awesome. We had an awesome conversation with
Elder Bednar and Elder Kearon (British guy who spoke in conference in
April) and the spirit was absolutely unreal. To be in a room where
EVERY person was called by God was something I'll never forget. 150
missionaries, 1 apostle, 1 member of the 70, mission president... It
was awesome. I learned so much that I don't even know what to write.
But I know that I am called of God to preach this gospel, and I know
that we have living prophets on the earth today. It was an unreal

Adela is ready for baptism as well! Taught her last night and had an
amazing lesson. We have yet to set an official date but we'll get the
date set tomorrow. But she is completely ready and has more ganas (motivation) to
learn and be a member than everyone I've ever met. We are super
excited for her and I've been even more humbled by teaching her. She's
awesome so stay tuned for next week with her(:

I said this would be short but I guess I lied. SorryGrinning face with smiling eyes
In preparation for Elder Bednar, we were given four of his talks to
study. I really liked "ask in faith" from 2008. He talked about how to
make prayers more meaningful and how we need to surrender our Will for
Gods. At times we know what Gods will is, but we are too scared to
take the step of faith, or don't know where to start, or are too
afraid or stubborn to accept it. But when we have enough faith to give
him everything we have and ask him in faith, we become who he wants us
to be. But how do we know his Will if we don't ask him? We have to ask
for his will for us and be willing to act on the answer, no matter
what it might be. It's a lifelong process and I know it will bless the
life of every person. I know it's changed mine...

Love you all and have a gr8 week!

Buckled up for the ride,
Elder Gearig

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