Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Long Time No See

Good morning! I know I just wrote like five days ago so I just wanted
to say hi. 

The bus ride back from Madrid on Wedneday was terrible. No AC and
there was this little girl who wouldn't stop bawling and her mom was
publicly beating her and yelling in some different language. I got so
sick seeing her just beat this little girl. Like look, she's not gonna
stop crying if you're beating her up! So I thought she would stop. She
didn't. Nobody knew what to do. So after like twenty minutes I finally
took it into my own hands. I tapped the mother and tried speaking
Spanish to her but she didn't speak Spanish but she got my message.
She handed me her girl and I took her with me to my seat. This girl
was just drenched in sweat, poor thing. Thank goodness for iPads
because we played with photo booth for a solid thirty minutes. She
smelled really bad as well. But she stopped crying and managed a few
smiles as well lol. It was fun. Don't beat your kids.

Photo booth magic with the little girl

Well not much has happened since last Wednesday. Had exchanges with
Elder Smith and it was awesome(: ate with the most solid family I've
met out here, then we played ball with a group of our friends here.
Him and I hooked it up on some plays. Felt good to actually play with
someone who knows how to play ballFace with tears of joy he may be short, but his jump
shot makes up for his heightSmiling face with Sunglasses

Elder Smith & Elder Gearig w/Graffiti Man

There's this dude who always plays with us but never stays for our
lesson we teach after, but this time he did! So we took advantage and
started talking to him. Gave him a BoM and he started reading what I
asked him to read, then keeps reading! Hahah he said "the
Lamanites....that rings a bell.." Uhh dude, how on earth have you
heard of the Lamanites?#premortallife so we just went with the ,essays
of the restoration on the spot. It was so cool! In our street clothes
teaching this guy, just how I pictured it before the mission. This guy
was so stoked to read and learn more! We are really excited for him.
Then elder smith and I went back to piso to get some things, then back
to our other piso (the vacant Hermanas piso) to sleep because we had
to catch an early bus the next morning. We got there and I said
"elder, you're gonna kill me." Lol I left the keys. It's a solid 30
minute walk back. So safe to say we had a really late night. But it
was an awesome exchange and it's nice finding the people God is
preparing, especially through using our gifts he gives us.

Spiritual thought. I loved the conference talk about how we have to b
a good follower to be a good leader. This quote sums it up
"There will be times when the path ahead seems dark, but keep
following the Savior. He knows the way; in fact, He is the way."
When we out our trust in Him who knows all, even when there is no
light ahead (so it seems) and we take that step into darkness, He
illuminates more steps for us so we can see. The process constantly
repeats itself during our lives, we just have to keep trusting in Him
and follow Him, and others will follow us. We are all leaders and we
are our followers!

That's about it! Hope all is super swell back home and that life is awesome!

Elder Gearig
Enviado por mi Liahona

Elder Kyle Gearig
Avenida de Francia 1, 12, 4*D 
Toledo, Toledo 45005

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