Monday, December 7, 2015

Still in Vigo....

Heyyyyy hope you're all enjoying the snow or whatever is dropping from
the sky. When we got here we were told it would rain a ton but it
hasn't...until we bring it up then it randomly pours and we get
drenched lol.
Alright about my week! So I was with the greenie this week because our
companions were in Madrid. Holy cow, I'm so glad I'm not training, my
patience was soooooo thin. First thing I did when I got my comp back
was apologize for being difficult and he told me I acted like I
already had 1 year under my belt and wasn't even bad so that's cool.
Speaking of which, I'm staying with Elder Jones in Vigo! I'm his first
companion he's had longer than two transfers! We're really really
So the greenie and I taught a lesson Tuesday to an investigator of
mine, then his investigator randomly showed up so we taught them about
The Plan of Salvation. 
We talked to this lady on the bus and had a nice conversation then she
got off and we said bye. We got off the next stop and walked to an
appointment which fell through which wasn't anything new. When this
happens we turn around and contact the first person we see because we
figure it failed for a reason. Guess who it was? The lady from the
bus! It was super cool and we got her number and she was a sweetheart.
But she doesn't want anything to do with us which wasn't surprising.
Oh well.
What else... Let's see. We talked about emergency plans on Thursday
with the zone and we all got really scared because we talked about
what to do if your comp dies.. Terrifying stuff.
I can't remember hardly anything else about the week... But we hit up
the main square here with all the Christmas stuff and it was awesome.
It felt like temple square and they were playing the same songs as
when Meleah, Kelsey, TWelch and McKayla took me, Austin, Taylor, and
Emmett to temple square on a scavenger hunt so that was exciting.
Pictures to follow.
So I studied a lot about eternal families and temple work this week,
as well as service. It brings so much comfort knowing what happens to
our loved ones after death. Reminded me of he talk from conference
from President Eyring and I got this part from it
Finally, Dad said quietly, “A little girl has gone home.”
He shed no tears. That was because the Holy Ghost had long before
given him a clear picture of who she was, where she came from, what
she had become, and where she was going. The Spirit had testified to
him many times of a loving Heavenly Father, of a Savior who had broken
the power of death, and of the reality of the temple sealing he shared
with his wife and family. The Spirit had long before assured him that
her goodness and faith had qualified her for the return to a heavenly
home where she would be remembered as a wonderful child of promise and
be welcomed home with honor. For my dad, that was more than a hope.
The Holy Ghost had made it a reality for him.
We know what happens because of the Holy Ghost and I'm ever so
grateful to have Him in my life. We also need to have Charity because
without charity, we are nothing.-1 Corinthians 13:2
Verse 13 says it's more important than faith and hope so take that for
what it's worth.
Also a friend told me that if you smile, everything else is much
easier and I tried it more this week, and it's true! So smile people!
Until next week.
White-less winter
Elder Gearig

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