Monday, September 12, 2016


Goooood morning all. Hope you all enjoyed some stellar moments of silence for those of us outside of the USA yesterday. We took a 15 second one while we were contacting, then proceeded to contact again.
I love America. 

Basketball on Monday was super fun. Idk if any of you know Eric Brock,
he went to WJ for a little bit, but he's a beast and a long lost
homie, and we balled out for sure. With Elder Reese naturally, but I
talk about him in the majority of my emails so I'll give this one to
Elder Brock.

After that we went and visited one of Elder Priests converts there in
Madrid while we were there. He has always talked about this family and
how they're the best and he proved to be right...for once.?? no but
really, this family was awesome. We had such a cool talk with them for
like an hour about life. They were giving us marriage advice and such
and I left more motivated than ever to find families like them to
baptize. Meeting them once changed my way of thinking in a lot of
things. I will definitely be visiting them again.

Tuesday was MLC at the mission home and that's always a super
spiritually uplifting experience. Plus I sat next to Reese and
Campbell so it was an MTC reunion. We had a semi-decent Labor Day bbq
after with less-than-decent home made root beer (root beer doesn't
exist here(basically anything other than coke doesn't exist here)) and
elder Campbell got me to eat way too much of this dessert that will
melt your face off its so good. But I had a three hour train ride to
enjoy after so no worries. Also got my hair cut that night by a member
and it turned out decent.

Saturday we helped my favorite family here in León paint a room.
Thanks Dad for teaching me how to paint, should have taught my comp
how too as well ???? plus TwentyOne Pilots and other great groups came
on the radio while doing so #tendermercies

So we have been teaching his Colombian, Roberto, and this guy is
straight fire???? well...I should say WAS...because he was progressing
super quickly....then my luck came into play. Because he got a job in
Dubai and left for a few months. Fabricio, Adela, Marí-Sol, and now
Roberto. All these super super golden prepared people being swept away
by jobs before they're able to be baptized. Some even had their
baptismal interviews already. Super sad stuff but I have the faith
that he'll be baptized someday(: he was asking us questions about Gods
other worlds and other children and why it was necessary that Christ
came to save us on this world and it was a super deep lesson. Good
guy, good guy,..

Everything I've studied this week has been coming back to eternal
marriages and marriage advice. Like every member we visit, Sunday
school and priesthood lessons, conference talks I've randomly
read...idk what Gods trying to say here...??
Read an awesome, non-marriage related talk called "Yes, Lord, I will
follow thee." Super simple talk talking about how all our choices
should be based around Christ, and whether it will help us grow closer
to him or not. Here's a quote "As you strive to come to Him, you will
gain the power to relieve life’s burdens, whether physical or
spiritual, and experience a positive inner change that will help you
be happier."

That's about it. We're in a pretty big drought here in León right now
so I'm gonna have to play ball here and get it wet a little bit.?? but
we're pushing through and are gonna find some people, I'm sure of it.
Just trying to help Elder Priest finish these last 3 weeks strong!
Until the next one, my friends.

Fighting the fight,
Elder Gearig

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