Thursday, September 29, 2016

When September ends...

Hey everyone! Not much has happened this week so we'll touch some
 highlights shall we?

 So we taught our first lesson of the week Thursday. It was in an
 intercambio, I was with elder pitman from Pocatello Idaho.
 That night we had 10 elders come down to sleep in our piso because of
 zone conference the next morning. It was insane. I made breakfast
 burritos for everyone and they were delish. I never want ten elders in
 a piso ever again....

 Zone conference was awesome. We talked all about the BoM and how to
 better use it in the work. It was definitely inspired and we received
 a lot of revelation. Well I did at least, I hope the others did as
 well haha.
 Exchanges with the APs after was legit, I was with Elder Boyd from
 Murray! He loves basketball and music so we had a blast together haha.
 We had 6 lessons planned between the four of us and 5 fell through...
 the one that actually happened was with some Indian guy who came back
 20 minutes later to return the BoM and drop us. So that was sad.
 I had this feeling to knock every door in this building after a lesson
 failed and Elder Boyd has the same feeling. So we did! 12 floors of
 doors to knock. We met some cool people and found this Venezuelan guy
 who we'll visit later this week so that was definite inspiration to
 knock😊 that's all that happened though Hahah. We took out some
 people's garbage though! #servics

 Elder Trantham and I talked for like an hour that night about his
 life. He's a legit MMA fighter! He's from Green Mountain, up by Ogden.
 Inspired me to want to become a fighter too... but that won't happen.
 So naturally him and Elder Priest had a wrestling match😶 it was
 hilarious, elder Boyd and I just died laughing the whole time😂

 So we finished the week with 3 lessons taught so I don't have any
 super spiritual experiences to write about. So I apologize for that.
 But we have seen small miracles in our street contacting! We've been
 working hard to find new creative ways to find people and they've been
 paying off. Hopefully we actually get to meet with some of these

 I read a talk from April 2014 called "Your 4 minutes". Talks about
 this Olympian who trained her whole life for a four minute event and
 had the rest of her life to dwell on what happened in that event.
 Elder Stevenson related to our own lives. We prepared in the pre earth
 life for our own 4 minutes on this earth and we will have all eternity
 to think about our four minutes here. We need to do all we can to
 follow Christ so we have no regrets as we look back on our lives here!

 Hope you all have a great week!

 On Pushin,
 Elder Gearig

 I tried getting in all of elder priests goodbye photos haha

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