Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm outty

Hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! Ours was pretty
awesome, definitely one to remember.
Happy 2nd birthday to my little niece tomorrow! Dec 27th

Got transfer calls on Saturday and after a very short 6 months, I will
be going to the heart of Madrid to he Madrid fifth Ward, or B5 as we
call it! It's elder Reese's old area so I'm stoked! My new companion
is elder Romney from sugahouse, he went to highland high school. He's
super cool and we're stoked to serve together. I ship out tomorrow!

We had a good last week to end the transfer. We've started teaching
Kalifa's friend and he came to church Sunday so that was super cool!
Tuesday we did exchanges and I was with elder polutu from Hawaii! We
had a sweet day! We taught less active Miguel in the morning and
talked about decision making and it was exactly what he needed. He
came to English class and told us how he's ready to turn his life
around and come back to the church starting NOW. It was awesome!

We passed by an old investigator named Roberto. He's a heavy drug
addict and I had no idea what to talk about with him. So we just
starting testifying of the atonement and the trials that God puts in
our lives. He didn't say much but the Spirit was definitely there and
Elder Polutu did a good job on the fly. Hopefully this guy and come

Christmas was awesome! Hardly nobody came to church which was sad..
but we had Kalifa and his friend and Miguel came! Us 4 missionaries
sang a musical number too😬 after church I took some pictures with
some members and it was super sad for me. I've grown to love these
people so much and it sucks saying bye.
After that we went and visited a member in the hospital and sang A TON
of songs for her and her friend there too. Her friend started crying
because she's super lonely and has been there for a year. So we went
to another room and sang for another person and it was just an
incredible experience to be able to spread some Christmas cheer.

Skyped the fam which was awesome as always 😎 they're the best.

The Riveras

Then I had my last dinner with the Riveras. I don't know how to

explain that hour and a half... it was hard for me. It was just a
giant spiritual tender experience. The dad isn't a very emotional
person, but he's a little spiritual knowledge giant. He got all
emotional talking about how we sang to people in the hospital and how
big of an impact it had on him and started crying. Luci, the 16 year
old, was crying the whole time. She's gonna miss me a little too much.
Good thing elder Reese is staying though. I just had tears in my eyes
and a lump in my throats the whole time. I said the closing prayer and
couldn't hold it in any longer and started crying and asked God to
bless them because they need it. They've become such a huge part of my
life in these six months and it was one of the saddest points of the
mission saying bye to them. I'm such a baby 😅
We also wrapped up some BoMs and handed out Christmas presents
yesterday. That was fun(:
Well those are a few of the thing that happened. I'm super super sad
to leave but excited for the new challenge B5 has to offer(: love you
all and please be safe this weekend!

Singing loud for all to hear,
Elder Gearig

Deuces León

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