Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Michigan, Utah, bodyguards, and selfies

First week of the new year is down in the books, and frankly I don't
remember much of it haha. But this week we had some cool experiences
so I'll hit the ones that come to my mind. Let's get it.

Monday we had elder Reese and elder kiser down here from León and had
a good time. We tag teamed an appointment with a family at night and
it was just super cool for me. Four elders from Utah who are like best
friends testifying to this family and the spirit was just super cool
and definitely flowed between us. It was a cool experience for me.

Tuesday was MLC and it was awesome as always. Always great to hear the
inspired instruction from President and Hermana Pack and from the APs
as well. Should be a good transfer!

Wednesday was insane. We had a service project with a local church and
they were in charge of it. It was extremely unorganized. We had 2500
people getting free presents for their children because they couldn't
afford presents this year. But like I said it was not organized at
all. For four hours elder Romney and I acted as bodyguards trying to
keep very inpatient people from braking into this church, it was so
stressful and not very Christlike the way everything ran, but we got
everyone brought through eventually.

Thursday we had a cool experience. We're tying to visit all the active
members and do a quick fifteen minute pass bye to get to know them and
leave a message, so we went to this Dominican ladies house. We were
talking to her when the other elders randomly show up. So us four are
their with Javi, a YSA member, and the lady got super tender with us
because the missionaries hadn't visited her in a few months and the
day before she was wondering why. Then randomly we were all there. It
was cool.
THEN. We were running back to get home on time and we ran past this
street and elder Romney and I saw out of the corner of our eye, a
familiar logo. We stopped on a dime and there was a large man wearing
a University of Utah jacket! He's from Guatemala (shoutout Alyssa and
Cam) and his uncle sent him the jacket. We were freaking out and super
stoked and he was getting stoked and we're gonna teach him this week(:

Saturday night we were going home again, when I saw another familiar
logo! University of Michigan baby! The guy played waterpolo from hem
and is from Flint, so we had a long conversation about our motherland
and he has a friend in Italy on a mission so we had a sweet talk
together(: God just making us feel at home left and right.

We got a solid 5 investigators to church which is a mission high for
me. A lot of stuff to be done here in B5 and I'm enjoying life(: hope
everyone is enjoying life and keeping on!

Life livin,
Elder Gearig

3 Kings dinner

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