Monday, January 23, 2017

It's a small world after all

The Utah family

Good day to all. On a bus traveling to Toledo, one of my old areas

with the district for PDay. Should be pretty fun!

Well we had a pretty solid week here in B5. Found a couple new
investigators and had some cool experiences!

Yesterday we ran into a family from Salt Lake City! The dad was an
announcer for KSLs SportsBeat channel and is working here in Madrid.
We knew each other so it was fun to chat Hahah. He filled us in on the
playoffs and such. Falcons are taking the Super Bowl!

Saturday we taught a family who walked into the chapel earlier in the
week asking to meet with us. They took the lessons a few years ago in
the DR and mlvdd here and lost contact with the missionaries then
stumbled across the church. It was an awesome lesson! The little 2
year old was a tornado though. Super hard teaching when there's a
child throwing crap around the room haha. It was super great though!(:
straight golden situation too. Said they'd give up working on Sunday's
to come to church. Thennnnnn they didn't come. So that sucked. Still
excited for them!

Hahah we were knocking doors in this building full of future
investigators one day. We knocked this guy who always answers drunk
and told us to come by. So we did and he was cracking the door open
and looking at us then pretended like he didn't see us. It was funny.
He did it like five times. I kept trying to talk to him and let him
know I could see him! So he did it one more time, then I heard him go
to the kitchen and heard a drawer open. So I had this feeling to leave
and I did! We were walking away and he opened the door and had this
huge butcher knife! Before I knew it, elder Romney was sprinting down
the stairs hahahahaha. I don't know what would have happened if I was
standing there still but I'm glad we left!

Saturday to Sunday we did a fast with one of our investigators,
Beatriz. Her husband/boyfriend won't let them get married so she can't
be baptized. We, along with a few other missionaries around the
mission, joined in fast to have God touch the heart of her
husband/boyfriend. We'll see what happens this week!

Yesterday we picked up two new investigators! One is a Colombian kid
who is like half Jewish half something else. Interesting beliefs but
he's open to giving us a shot! We got on our knees st the end of the
lesson snd he offered the prayer. It was going great until in the
middle he stopped and said to us "I can't. I feel terrible. I can't
keep going." And I just stared at him with wide eyes. I thought a
demon was controlling him because he started heaving and it was
sketchy. Then I told him to finish, so he did and it was great. Then
he explained sometimes he randomly gets sick. It was just a sketchy
thing but the prayer was stellar!

I'm also started to learn Portuguese because we've been finding a lot
of Brazilians and people like that. So I'm hoping to pick it up
somewhat quick. There's a member helping me(:

Well I'll stop there but yesterday I have a talk in church. Probably
my favorite talk I've given on the mission. I talked based off of D&C
58:27, being anxiously engaged in a good cause. It went pretty well I
was happy with how it went. We all need to do things out of our own
free will and not do it because we're commanded to! If we're always
anxiously engaged in a good cause, others will follow and we'll all
make it together.

Cause engaging,
Elder Gearig

The Utah family

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