Friday, February 3, 2017

Lucky number 6

Hooooolllllllllaaaaaaaa. Got to go to the temple this morning so you
already know it's been a good day! It's been about 8 months since I
last got to go, perks of being in Madrid­čśÄ

Holy cow we've eaten so much food this last week I could probably pull
off a week long fast right now. Let's not talk about the weight I've
put on lol. But we hit the six month mark last week so I better start
taking exercises a little more seriously haha.

Well since I've last written, we've had three exchanges in our area so
we've got quite the amount of stories to tell so I'm picking and
choosing on this one.

So we finally were able to visit Elisa again after almost three weeks.
She read a little little bit, but at least she read! She doesn't have
the best memory in the world so didn't remember hardly anything
though. So we asked her how she liked church a few weeks ago and she
said "not gonna lie, I didn't like it..." well there's a first! Haha
we were pretty shocked. But I was glad we asked because we were able
to change the lesson to her needs! We ended up having a super good
lesson with her and she was stoked to come again! But she didn't...
haha so that sucked but it was still a good lesson! She's still great,
just gotta get her to keep her commitments darn it.

So yesterday we had exchanges with the elders from salamanca. I was
with elder dobbs from SoCal. He's a cool guy and I didn't really know
him before so I was glad I could go with him! He's still a new
missionary so he's got growing pains but he's awesome! And boy, did we
have some experiences. So to start it off, we contacted a Pentecostal
Pastor who was super nice at first and took a BoM and gave us his
number, then asked me to look up some biblical verses and had us
bouncing from Matthew to Revelations to Malachi to Luke and basically
he called us antichrists and false prophets and condemned us to Hell,
but all "using the word of God, I didn't say anything, He did." Haha
thanks Fran...

We organized a ward activity where the members did splits with us and
we went contacting. I went with Wilmer, our ward mission leader, and
we had an awesome morning! Have out five BoMs I think and got to know
him better. He ended up being a pretty good contacter and made really
good connections with people we met. We had a lot of success in a
short 90 minutes as a ward and missionaries! Hopefully we see some
fruits from it. The members were stoked after though and want to do it
once a week so hopefully we see some other members start getting
involved, it was pretty legit(:

We've been really focusing on following the Spirit while we're in the
street this past week. And we've seen a ton of miracles! We've gotten
a lot of references and given out a whole lot of BoMs. It's super hard
to feel the spirit in the street with all the pornography and weed and
stuff. And as we've focused more on feeling he Spirit, we've gotten a
lot of adversity. I don't think I've seen so many people fight with us
and spit at us and curse and all that good stuff before. But we
endured and we're blessed with it! Transfers are Saturday and I'll
probably stay but we shall see!
I'm stoked for these last six months! I'm stoked to give it all I got
and finish as strong as I can, uphill battle all the way to the end!
Os quiero.❤️

Exercise debating,
Elder Gearig

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