Monday, February 27, 2017

Lots of stretching

Met this cool Filipino with a Michigan hat #motherland. He didn't
wanna be baptized though..

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Hey everyone's! Hope you guys have had a fabulous week.
We're out here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for our mission tour
tomorrow. Played a ton of soccer today and I got sunburnt. I flew here
yesterday morning for intercambios so I'll be here until tomorrow

So the past 10 days have been quite uneventful. Things are just super
slow here. I feel like I know this place like the back of my hand
already because we've walked every street­čśé but we will find somebody,
I'm determined to change it. My first night we met this young guy from
Venezuela and got his number and we met with him Monday! 2 weeks and
we finally taught an investigator! His names Gabriel and he's 22 and
super smart, he's already graduated from college with an engineering
degree and loves learning. So we met with him and got to know him and
he's a super cool guy.
Anyways, taught him the restoration and it went really well! He
offered the final prayer and it was super good! We invited him to be
baptized and he said he'll think about it but it went really well! It
was great! After we met him my first night, I turned to elder Tribett
and said "we just met the next baptism of Santa Cruz." So we'll see if
my prophecy comes to pass!

Elder Douglas says hi.

Met with a couple less actives and my first night we met with this guy
and the lesson went incredibly well. Well, I made a pretty bold
promise to him if he read a couple chapters we assigned. We returned a
few nights ago and sure enough, something crazy happened! He had a
pretty cool dream of his mom who passed away years ago and was super
stoked to keep reading and such. He came to church for the first time
in awhile and even came to our service project Saturday and Sunday!

It's been a tough 10 days but that's how I like 'em! To progress, we
gotta stretch and struggle! And I'd say stretching has been a good
word to describe it so far. But things are slowly getting there and
the best part is it's easy to see progress! We've had some good comp
studies together and are on the same page finally so things should be
good from here! Super excited for the rest of this transfer!

Elder Gearig

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