Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Zone Conference

Hey hey hey. Happy MLK Day. Just got done playing soccer and basketball so I'm pretty tired. So this is gonna be pretty short. 

Tuesday I did an exchange with elder Meeks. Haha he's got a solid 2 weeks on the mission. It was fun to be with a greenie again and see that greenie fire and attitude. Haha we had a lot of fun together👍🏾 I don't know why the calligraphy just changed but oh well. Anyways..we taught this guy named Aitor. It was unreal! The guy was 1. Spanish and 2. Super interested! He was just a huge testimony to me that there are Spanish people prepared in this country. But he's just super legit and I'll never forget get that lesson. More information to come!

So y'all remember that guy from last week with the university of Utah jacket? We met with him Saturday! And in the words of elder Romney "he's either the most prepared guy I've ever met, or ex communicated. Because that was insane." Haha. So he accepted to be baptized. Haha after we were like "if you hadn't have worn that jacket, we wouldn't have seen you." And he said "yeah that's true, Gods trying to tell me something." Haha so we were pretty stoked to say the least. More updates to come 👍🏾

We also met with this Spanish girl who speaks perfect English. She doesn't really believe in God but we had an awesome lesson about the nature of God. There are few things I love more than preaching about the nature of God. The Spirit is just super strong and it's the best! Hopefully she keeps progressing.

Things are slowly picking up here. Weather has been great and we're finding people to talk to! Life's good and I'm happy(: have a good one fam.

Just believe,
Elder Gearig 

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