Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 months older and wiser too.....

Happy 5 months to me! Crazy how time is flying. 
Happy birthday tomorrow to Meagan and Wednesday to Jordan my little brother! The big 13, officially a teenager. Crazy kid. And still waiting on Bella's call so that'll be exciting this week. 

Well this week was about the same as any other week lol. Every lesson failing and nobody talking to us, not as much rain though so that's good! My dad said something about a hurricane so that would make sense why my shoes are still soaked. 
Anyways, the good stuff. We've really been focusing on finding all the less active members in our area and we've had success there! There's this 75 year old woman I've been trying to get an appointment set up with since my second week here, and we got one Saturday morning! She made us a four course Spanish meal though lol. No Bueno because we had a lunch appointment with my favorite member right after and she usually fills us up so I didn't know how we would explain to her why we couldn't eat. But luckily she loves me so I could sweet talk my way out of it lol! Hahah nah I still ate all her stuff though it was still good. Just don't ask me how much I weigh.....

Elder Jones and I took a bus like two stops past where we should have so we had to walk quite a ways to get to where we were going, and we were in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We saw one person ahead of us so we got closer and started talking to her. It was super cool! We talked for like 20 minutes and was like the perfect little miracle finding situation you always hear of! Then she randomly walked away lol. Almost had her. 

We visited this 90 year old Peruvian and she begs us to come over every time we see her so we did and she shared her conversion story and started crying and it was tender. Cute woman. 

Helped a member move some couches 5-ever away hahah it was really fun though. Picture four elders with sofas and recliners over their heads trying to dodge taxis and the Spaniards in the streets. It was hilarious hahah. The easiest way to carry them was upside down on top of our heads so we literally couldn't see a thing and were using me as the leader to not lead us into the ocean. Fun experience. 

 K spiritual thought:
"Nephite Pride Cycle." You may be familiar with it, you may not. But it is impooortant. How they go from being at the top, to the bottom, to the top again, then back to the bottom. When Moroni and Helaman were their go-to-guys everything was going good. Heck, it was going great! They counseled with the Lord and made the right decisions for the people every time. The Lamanites couldn't touch them. After so much success though, the members of the church got too prideful. The prophecies of Mosiah and Alma become fulfilled as the members dissent from the church and seek after worldly things. The moment they come back and repent, they prosper again. Seems pretty obvious what they should do right? Guess not.. Because not too long after, thanks to preaching from Helaman, the Lamanites become stronger than the Nephites now. Now, today, only Lamanites are on the earth, the Nephites are goneeeeee. Oh how the turntables have....turned..
I've noticed that the people become strong in repentance and remembering God ONLY when it's convenient for them. When they're rich and prospering they don't thank God and try succeeding on their own, then God takes it away from them. Causes wars and a famine among them, and right before they die, boom! They magically remember their God once more. They repent and start succeeding again until the same thing starts happening. They rely on themselves until God has to humble them. Happens every time. So please don't rely on God only when it's convenient, rely on Him ALWAYS! Give thanks in ALL things, no matter how small. Here's a quote I love. "It is possible to return! It is possible for those who have ceased to pray to pray again. It is possible for those who are lost to find their way through the dark and come home. And when they do, they will know, as I know, that the Lord is more concerned with what a man is than with what he was, and with where he is than with where he has been." -Elder F. Burton Howard. 
Reminds me of Chayden's farewell talk when he said something like "God doesn't care about who we were, he cares about where we are now." 
So there you have it, don't be prideful, be humble! Thank God over everything and work to be better every day! 

"Gods got your back. Satan does too...but with a knife."-Elder Gearig (me) and my RT of the week (if you could RT yourself..) 

I saw the rains north of Africa, 
Elder Gearig

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