Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Haaaaaaaaaaappppppyyy 2016 everybody!

So New Years was super fun. We went to these members house and just
chilled and ate some chicken and ribs, I freestyle rapped about
everyone there as part of the entertainment, then we got back to piso.
So we bought the Spanish version of Martinellis and enjoyed the rest
of the night (I only had two, sorry @TRob). We were like 2 minutes
early when we celebrated though because we looked at the wrong clockFace with tears of joy
but Vigo went hard. A lot of Cheers. Fireworks for hours (my dad would
have flipped) .  Elder Howard and I started throwing the football
in the main room and talking about things while our companions got
ready for bed, next thing we knew it was quite some time later. We
talked about our lives and he gave me a lot of advice on this next
year since he goes home in April. We did the math the next
morning...and we had thrown the football over 2000 times. Gotta
practice somehow.
That next day I had exchanges with Elder Howard again hahah. We are
with the Mission Leader and he gave us 0,0, which is alcohol-less
beer. Soooooo disgusting. One sip and I was sick for the rest of the
day. We went tracting for my first time and this lady opened her door
and we talked for about ten minutes while it was pouring rain and we
didn't have umbrellas so we were soaking wet and she wouldn't let us
talk to her family lol. But the spirit kept us warm.
So literally everything we do to try to find investigators doesn't
work, so we decided to try something different. We put signs up around
the city inviting people to a free movie night with popcorn to see
Meet the Mormons. Aaaaaaaand although nobody new showed up, we had a
lot of members show up and an investigator of the Sisters there. 
It was awesome as usual and was actually a really spiritual
experience for everybody. After it ended I thanked everybody for
coming and bore a testimony about missionary work and other things. 

In my reading his week I was reading in Alma. The people were asking
him how they could apply the experiment of faith and how they could
change. Alma tells them to read the scriptures, pray, and follow
Christ. Aren't those the same things we're told today? They're
obviously important things to do so why are some of us not doing them?
The people of Moses were being tormented by snakes so God told Moses
to make a Type, with a serpent on a stick and all those who looked at
it would be saved. Literally....all they had to do was look. LOOK! And
people were too stubborn to lift up their head! It's a representation
of Christ being raised up on the cross. All we need to do is look up
to Him and follow Him, and if we do what he asks, we will be saved as
well. It's simple my friends.
So this is my challenge to you all for this year, and I know you all
have goals already so it isn't going to be a big one. Read one verse
in the Book of Mormon a day. One verse. Slowly and surely you'll have
the desire to read and learn more. Just gotta start somewhere.
Y'all are the best and I hope you look at each day as the first day of
the rest of your life. Much loveHeavy black heart

Happy New Gear
Elder Gearig

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