Monday, March 7, 2016

Chau Chau Vigo! Hola Toledo!

Chau Chau Vigo

Well good morning everybody!
First of all congrats to the boys for taking the ship! (TRANSLATION: BINGHAM MINERS BOYS BASKETBALL ARE 2016 5A STATE CHAMPIONS!!!) And my man Schy
Shoey for that MVP!! 

This week has been a pretty different week to say the least. Had my
comp take over everything this week and it was a big humbling
experience for me and my patience was taken to the brinks. Needless to
say we finished the week with one lesson taught. Like I said, humbling
experienceThumbs up sign🏼lol and my new area is supposedly harder than this but
we'll see. Stereotypes are bogus. so with that I was pretty stressed
helping him prepare to area train this next transfer. Not to mention a
call from the APs saying I'm district leader in my new area.
Stresssss. But and like my subject line implies, I'm out of here! I'm
actually currently on a train going through the breathtaking Spanish
Countryside/mountainside. Hermana Jensen is my companion right now
actuallyFace with tears of joy we've been together for 4 1/2 months now in Vigo and we're
split now. She's going to Villalba which is where I thought I would
go. Sike I'm going to TOLEDO! That probably means nothing to any of
you but my dad will be stoked. It's basically the Spanish Jerusalem,
old city surrounded by castle walls with a newer-older city. It's
absolutely beautiful and I can't even put it into words to help you
understand so stay tuned for pictures over the next few months(:
It's been a stressful week having to say goodbye to my family here in
Vigo. We had district conference so I didn't get to give my farewell
talk and say bye to the branch which broke my heart. Had to go one by
one to some houses. Go for a few minutes, take pictures, cry, run to
the next house and cry while running, over and over again. A lot of
tears and a broken heart later and here I am!

The worst was saying bye to my little girlfriend (saying bye to Elder
Reese finally was bad as well but I'll see him soon). During District
Conference, she was sitting on the other side of the room facing me
and occasionally we would make eye contact and make faces at each
other then laugh. Then it hit me I was saying bye in a few hours and I
looked down at my lap and cried. I've seriously never experienced a
pain like that in my life. My heart just sunk and stayed there and is
currently there still. She drew me a picture and gave me her last
nameFace with tears of joy she wore a penguin shirt which brought my tears again.
Yesterday was the final goodbye and I gave her my stuffed penguin and
she named him "Gearig." More tears. Gave her a big hug then had to run
to the bus. I almost died from not seeing where I was running but hey

Not a ton of things happened this week so sorry his was a big sob
story from me. I got to Vigo and opened the area with my trainer. We
went from literally nothing to, well... A little bit more than nothing
in six months hahah. But it's been an extremely humbling experience
and it killed me to leave. The members became my instant family and I
just can't put into words my feelings towards them. The love I have
for them is one of the greatest things I've ever felt. I can't imagine
how much Heavenly Father loves them. It was the hardest thing I've had
to do to say goodbye to them. It was tough to say bye to my real
family of course but I knew I'd see them again, idk if I'll ever see
some of these people ever again though. Goodbyes suck. I feel
confident that I'm leaving it in better shape than when I arrived so
I'm happy(:

Never forget how much love God has for you all! We are never alone in
anything we do! We have so many privileges as members and the promise
of the Holy Ghost with us as our constant companion as long as we
strive to remain worthy of it. 

Love you all and have a gr8 week
<-(thanks THans) 

 Toledo Bound,
Elder Gearig

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