Monday, March 14, 2016

Withdrawals and Toledo:for dummies

Well I never thought this week would end but yet here we are!
Well this week has some big things happening. Mainly the 29th birthday
of my beautiful mother and 23rd of my wonderful sister. Wednesday & Friday I'll remember to sing happy birthday in my head or something.

It was fun to be back in Madrid. The early morning was worth it.
(Disregard the coca cola truck lol)

First District Meeting. Who's that little boy in the bottom right? Oh that's my comp lol.

Okay this week has been interesting. I don't really know where to
start so I'll go with Tuesday night. Lol I'm sitting in piso making
calls and getting to know the missionaries in my district. At like
10:50, 10 minutes before bed I got a call from the ZLs who were doing
the same thing, getting to know the DLs. They were like "we're out of
time but we will talk in the temple tomorrow." Uhhh wait what? Hahah
nobody knew we had the session in the morning so my whole district had
to wake up at 4:30 to catch a bus to be in Madrid by 7 to find a
subway to the temple by 7:30 to make the 8 sesh. The Hermanas here
live literally 3 minutes from the bus station and of course were late.
We had to sprint for twenty minutes to step on as it left. But it was
weird being back in the city and actually understanding what was going
on. I remembered all the subway stops so nbd. After 5 1/2 without the
temple, I finally got to go! It was stressful but the moment I stepped
inside it just went away and I was able to have an amazing experience.
It filled a little hole in my heart that had been gone for almost six
months. Temples are amazingHeavy black heart️
Half my district had to catch the later session so we waited around
and just had district meeting there in Madrid. First district meeting
was a successThumbs up sign🏼 I'm super happy with how it went and we talked a lot
about repentance in the conversion process.

Also Tuesday as I was laying in bed I was looking through pictures of
Vigo and had a breakdown again. My little 9 year old won't give my
heart back and idk what to do. But it was the only time I cried this
weekFace with tears of joy
We've been focusing a ton on thinking outside of the box here because
contacting just doesn't work in this country. We were walking and I
saw this kid playing basketball by himself so what did we do? Went and
dunked on him white shirt and tie style. Asian kid in college here,
never knew what American basketball was like. Neither did I because I
haven't played in six months. But we got his referral and played again
the next day with his four friends and taught a lesson after. Super
weird teaching people who don't know who Jesus Christ is.
Later that night we were going up to the old part of town. This small,
super young family walked on the bus and instantly I had this
impression to talk to them. It was apparent that they were going
through difficulties because they were like 19 with two children and I
just wanted to help them. But guess what I did? Nothing. But as we
left the bus I looked back and they got off too so I figured it was a
sign that I should say something. Guess what I did? Nothing. Just
joking I talked to them hahah. Cut to the chase, didn't beat around
the bush and straight up told them their family was going to change
with what we had and they got super excited. So we wrote down their
number and we'll see where this goes.
Later we decided to hand out English class cards to teenagers. In the
main square is where there's hundreds of teenagers so that's where we
went. We were standing when a group of like 7 girls start talking to
us. Started asking some...interesting...questions so we left because
they were Satan. But more people came and started talking. Soon we had
a group of like 20 kids and we were talking about why we are here and
stuff and they were super interested. They need the law of chastity
and word of wisdom though so we are currently thinning the crop to see
who is actually interested hahah. Snakes...

Well Toledo isn't Vigo. My comp is truly awesome and is a big help
even though he just finished training hahah. Stud. I was talking to
the missionaries in Vigo Saturday night and they started getting
emotional lol. Then telling me how the branch won't stop talking about
me. Right in front of the new missionaries they've been straight up
telling them to send me back. I feel bad because they need to love the
new missionaries but I feel good at the same time because I know I
made a difference in the people's lives in Vigo hahah. After talking
on the phone I called Elder Reese and it felt like I was breaking up
with him, like it was our last time ever talking lol. After that I hit
my knees and had to repent. I know I'm in Toledo for a reason and I
need to accept that! The sooner I do the better off I'll be. After a
truly sincere prayer I felt I had been forgiven and hit the hay to
start this off right with the members. It'll take some getting used to
but I'm grateful to be here!

Temples, repentance, and trust my friends. We need temples, we need to
repent, and we need to trust.

Teach me how to Toledo,
Elder Gearig

Haven't had time to take pics but here's the steeple of the cathedral.

Steeple of the Cathedral

Stay tuned.

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