Wednesday, March 2, 2016

weight losing/sheep finding=fun

Welcome back. It's been a good week so I'll try to squeeze it all into
140 characters. Also good luck to Alyssa and Cody and all others who
are leaving in the next week for the MTC!

Megan is going to Germany! Lucky duck, she got my dream mission! She was in my ninth grade class of German I'm pretty sure so that's cool #claimtofame 

Hermana Staker and I are having a weight loss competition for her last
two months. So I'm on a diet for the first time in my life and it's
coming along pretty wellFace with tears of joy it doesn't make sense because she's a twig,
basically Hannah Spencer, but I have a lot to work onGrinning face with smiling eyes#missionlife
Transfers are Saturday and I'm 98% sure I'm goneso. I'm scared to
leave because turns out that my companion has more of a native
mentality than I originally thought (some of you spanishgang fellas
know what I mean) and I don't know what's gonna happen to these people
we're teaching if I leave. But everything happens for a reason and we
have goals set to help him prepare this weekGrinning face with smiling eyes

I stole Elder Howard's leather jacket and we were in a members car and
the song Sulten of Swing (or whatever it's called) came on and I felt
like my Dad for a second so that was a cool experience. Idk why I
shared that but yeah, there's that.

So I'll say a little bit more about this investigator of ours.
Saturday I kind of ripped in to him a little bit because he wasn't
keeping his commitments when he knew he should have been. But by the
end of the lesson he was like "yeah you're right, I really need to
read this book." And I was like YES YOU DO -- GOOD JOB... I should have told
you that before! Sike I said it a hundred times before he understood
it. But he does now so thank you to he Spirit for helping him
understand that.

We have five progressing less actives which is a key indicator we use,
I heard it's something we do in our area only but I'm pretty sure
every mission does it as well, idk, but yeah, 5! We visited our friend
from last week who I feel like is my brother already. I know I'm here
in Vigo still just to help him out. In our lesson (which his less
active mom joined as well) he said he was feeling really sad last week
and he didn't know why, when all of a sudden we randomly showed up at
his house. He said when we left he was in such a better mood! I looked
at him and said that The Spirit told us to visit him (which is 100%
true, we just didn't know that in the moment that we visited him for
the first time but found out in this second visit) because God knew he
needed some help. He started bawling and his mom did as well and it
was a neat experience for all of us. His mom and sister came to church
for the first time in a looooong time as well and the members were
shocked to see them but excited so it made me super happy(:

No investigators came to church but we helped a lot of less actives
come this time which is just as good. I have come to have a strong
testimony about what we can do to keep ourselves active and how to
help those who have fallen as well.
As well as this I have a strong testimony of following even the
smallest spiritual prompting, even if we don't know it's a spiritual
prompting in the moment. When we visited our friend for the first time
I didn't think it was a spiritual prompting. But after hearing that he
was really sad that day then we randomly showed up, I KNOW it was The
Holy Ghost.
Much love and have a gr8 week!

Looking for the lost sheep,
Elder Gearig

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