Tuesday, February 23, 2016

6 Months!!!

Okay so last Monday I made a deal with Hermana Staker here. I let her
cut my hair if I could cut her hair lol. Lol I was super nervous and
she didn't do the best job but Elder Holt fixed it up pretty good. I
took off 4" of her hair but it didn't look badFace with tears of joy I won't be a
cosmetologist or whatever they're called, too much patience.
Thursday morning the Herms went running with us. We ran to this castle and burned a tie up there for my six month mark! It was sad but I have a lot of time left to work!

We taught quite a few lessons this week which was rare but it was a
good week! We went to have a lesson with this guy I mentioned last
week and he wasn't home..but his roommate invited us in and we talked
for a little then I just started teaching him so we went from there!
Hahah turns out he's way more interested than our first guy! So now
we're teaching these roommates and they're both super interested in
changing their lives so that was a tender mercy(:

I had the chance to give a couple blessings this week so that's always
nice. Last Monday night we had all these plans fail us so we were just
kind of going with the flow. I had this feeling to stop by a couple
less actives. One let us right in and we sat down and started talking
and then he said he actually needed a blessing so it was a good thing
we came by. He asked me to give the blessing part so I start going
with it and I thought it went decently well. He gave me a hug after
and looked at me and said "those were the exact words said in my
patriarchal blessing." I don't remember what I said at all, so it was
definitely The Holy Ghost talking and an experience I'll remember for
a long time!
Right after, we stopped by another less active. We shared a video
about the Book of Mormon and talked about it for awhile. The Spirit
was super strong and we were really bold while talking to this guy and
we all had these tears in our eyes by the end so hopefully he's
keeping his commitment!
Wednesday we were doing more pass byes trying to meet new people and
since we were in a trio we went to visit an old woman whose always
home alone! We walked in and her grandson walks out. He's 20 and has
been inactive for quite a few years. It was a complete surprise to see
him there so we sit down and get to know him a little bit. After about
10 minutes he starts saying how he's had big desires to come back to
the church but has a lot of personal problems. He was super open and
he started crying telling us all these stories and how his friends
judge him when he helps old women in the street and stuff. And we all
have problems in our lives, it's a fact! But I was able to connect
with him in a super personal way and I feel like I've known this guy
from somewhere before. I don't know where but I know if I leave Vigo
in two weeks, I may not have baptized anybody into the church, but I
know I helped this one guy and made a difference in his life. He came
to church yesterday for the first time in years and I was soooooo
happy!Smiling face (black and white)️ gave him this huge hug and told him how proud I was of him
and how happy I was to see him back and he had a really good
experience. We had 5 less actives we've been working with come
yesterday to church and one random guy we invited in the street hahah.
The work is picking up(:

Have a great week my friends and don't just have a great night, have
an American night. Regional indicator for USARegional indicator for USA

Loving life,
Elder Gearig

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