Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hey amigos. We meet again.(:
Happy 35th birthday to Mama Jen on Tuesday!
So these past two weeks have been in the blink of an eye so I'll share
some things from my week.

So this was the last week of the transfer so we were all making our
predictions on who was going where. I was 98% convinced I was leaving
so I started packing on Wednesday lol. God showed me he's in charge so
needless to say, I'll be staying in Vigo which makes it at least 6
months here. No complaints here, I'm stoked out of my mindSmiling face with Sunglasses but Elder
Jones is on his way back to Madrid as I write this so it was sad
saying bye to my dad for the past 4 1/2 months. He's a machine and I
am grateful for the time we had together. 
I'm also receiving a nephew out here as my good ole friend Elder Reese will be training this week. Him and I will be together this transfer at least, Super new companion is from Spain and doesn't speak a lick of English so I'm stoked and motivated Thumbs up sign he doesn't come until Tuesday night so Elder Reese and I are in a trio with Elder Howard until then. Suuuuuuper excited. My 9 year old girlfriend broke up with me Weary face she said "how about I'll just be your daughter?" And just like that it was over. But it really released some tension because things were getting heated because she went inactive for a couple weeks. But I got her to pinky promise to come every week now lol. Ever taught a less active 9 year old? It's fun. I told her I was getting transferred on Sunday and she started bawling. I felt terrible. So I gave her a hug and told her I'll be here 6 more weeks so she has to come every week. She said she would Ok hand sign  #activated
K my miracle. Remember this woman we found three weeks ago who said she would be baptized after our first lesson? Remember how she blocked our number and we haven't seen her since? Well we've been praying super hard to find her and well... We found her! Hahah it was awesome! We taught her Thursday and it was crazy! The spirit was sooooo strong and we taught the plan of salvation and she loved it! It was a straight up miracle and I know God answers our prayers. We haven't put a new date on her yet since she was supposed to be baptized last Saturday but that's not really possible lol. But we'll visit her this week and talk more. God is good. Friday was the baptism of Jesús!Eyes (no, John didn't baptize him) The friend of the Hermanas here. We've all gotten close to him and he was so prepared. Super cool conversion story. Completely 180 twist. He's the 3rd baptism in the area in the past 2 years so the branch really rallied around him. It was cool. Hahah we bucketed water out of the chapel after and that was a riot. Saturday night we had a big branch activity we've been preaching about for months. A talent show. It was a huge success! We've had so many members come up to us and tell us it was the closest they've seen the branch in years and the funnest activity they've ever had. We put so much into this show so it was awesome to see the branch come together. I don't think anyone stopped laughing/crying for the 70 minutes. Us missionaries did a little skit and it was hilarious, they loved it. I'm never leaving Vigo! Like seriously, if president transfers me I'm just dropping off the face of the earth. This place is home. Yesterday we spent the day saying goodbye to families with elder jones. It was a little emotional because the members like him and I the best out of the missionaries here so they were sad to see him leave. But they're stuck with me which isn't the worst thing because they'll be feeding us every day because they know I'll eat their food lol. Yay. But my "daughter" and I played some marbles or something so that was legit. And this morning our favorite Peruvian invited us over for breakfast before elder jones train left. At 7. Which is early as it is...and here in Spain nobody wakes up until like noon. Plus We packed his bags until 2 am and woke up at 5:30 to eat with her. But it was delish! Quick thought/experience: So Monday night I asked God a question. "Why am I here?" Like don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking of going home, I know why I came out here and all that stuff but I just like receiving confirmation regularly about things yanno? So Tuesday morning during personal study I came across the talk from April 1983 by (at the time) Elder Thomas S. Monson called "anonymous." You should read it, it's amazing. A talk from 33 years ago answered my prayer. I sat back in my chair and had this overwhelming sensation that paralyzed me for a few moments. Tears came to my eyes as I received my answer and I heard these words in my mind, "you're here to love the people." It's been tough here in Vigo. Three lessons taught this week, 2 last week lol. But that's what Elder Jones and I did really well together. We both realized our calling here wasn't to baptize. It was to strengthen the members and activate less actives and that's what we've been doing and what I'll continue to do with my new companion. I think that's why this place is so close to my heart, the relationship with the members is unbelievable. I know I'll leave to serve the people somewhere else really soon and that'll be an emotional day for me. Goodbyes suck! Maybe I'll bust my ACL Schy-Shoe style the last day so I can stay here. Veremos. Much love. The Vigo Reign, Elder Gearig

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