Thursday, February 11, 2016

New comp and the Spec Ops

Elder Ferro from Argentina
I'm not a fan of how fast these weeks are going but here I am again. Yay.

So Monday we went and played football on the beach. It was leggiiiitttt. Elder Howard Elder Reese and tossing dimes. Fun stuff!

Elders Gearig & Reese

We taught a less active family that night and wow... There aren't words. Like literally. We invited them to repent in the most lovable way I've ever seen. I've never been apart of a more spiritually led lesson in these 5 1/2 months. Hahah like literally if one of us had a thought come to our head we just said it without hesitation. They sat in silence for a few moments and the spirit was just overwhelming. It was awesome.

Picked up my new compi Tuesday niight(: Elder Ferro from Argentina.
What a machine. We get along so so well and it's so much fun! Hahah the first night together we just talked and talked and realized he's the argentine version of Elder Reese so that's fine by me. He speaks decently good English too but we talk in Spanish and my Spanish has gotten so much better hahah I'm loving this kid!!

Saturday was the best day of my mission. Here's a cool story, long but worth the read.??????

So I'll try to put it into words here for y'all. So we were helping the Hermanas find another woman for their lesson that night. Literally through the whole branch list and nobody wanted to hahah. We had to leave so we left for lunch with a less active family and had a good lesson with them. After, we went to piso to get our umbrellas because Vigo decided we had had too much sun lately (like 2 days). This random guy called us and so I started talking to him and I taught him like
1/2 of every lesson we had over the phone lol. I've never felt he spirit through the phone before so that was a first. Turns out he didn't want anything but we're good friends now(: I ended the call and we had 4 missed calls from the Hermanas and one text that said "we need help!" They've had some creepy guys stalking them and told they needed us to let us know so in my head I was like "I've never killed a man before....there's a first for everything." Because the Hermanas are literally like my sisters. Turns out they just needed us to teach their lesson for them because they couldn't find a woman to help. So we hustle down to the church in the outing rain which is always fun but I'm used to it hahah. We had no game plan going in to this lesson and elder Ferro was kind of worried about that but for some reason I wasn't. We walked in and got a quick rundown from the Herms and started teaching this guy! Right before we walked into the classroom I jokingly asked the Herms "so what date do you want him to be baptized?" And we shared a quick laugh. So remember how I said that lesson with that other family was the most spiritually guided lesson I've had? Sike. This one topped it! Hahah we just started teaching this guy and the spirit was just indescribable. We talked a lot about him receiving answers to his prayers and shared a lot of personal experiences. Then out of nowhere I ask this guy to be baptized?? not even my investigator! He said he wants to be, yes! Hahah it was unreal! The thing is I don't remember a word I said to this guy so it was definitely the Holy Ghost. We bid them farewell and standing outside the chapel was a friend from English class. And so we invited him in and he says "alright let's read in your bible, the Book of Mormon right?" So I'm shocked. Like jaw dropped shocked. This lesson was in English so Elder Ferro didn't say anything. I taught him the restoration and again, I don't remember what I said. I started pulling these scriptures out of nowhere and asking him questions that he said he'd never thought about before then I asked him what he needed to do to be with God again. He read from 2 Nephi 31 and said... "Well... I suppose I need to be baptized." BINGO!! My man Kenneth. Elder Ferro chipped in with his only sentence of the night "to fulfill all righteousness." I invited him and he said he has nothing against it but that he didn't want to. Hmm.. But we'll meet again this week to follow up. It was an insane niight.
Herms called us later that night and they thought I was joking about this guy getting baptized and I was like No, like he's getting baptized by you guys March 5th. Here's what crazy. They told me if we were one minute late that night, we wouldn't have found Kenneth. ONE MINUTE! One minute more in the phone, one minute walking, one minute with their investigator, one minute anywhere! It was weird because we were like almost crying through the phone to the each other. Call us the Spec Ops, coming in to get baptismal commitments then disappering.
Spirit just working from all directions. The church is true, Christ lives, God loves us and is aware of our needs.

Feeding the Sheep,
Elder Gearig

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