Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome to Heartbreak and mountains‏

Temple this morning
Finish it off with the temple so it was all good! It's awesome as always(: the temple here is absolutely beautiful. We go as a zone so we were all together!

Good day! Well it's hot here. I hope you're all cool.
Okay well good luck to Ethan Erickson and anyone else heading out to
the mission!
Okay so this week was like the polar opposite of the past two weeks
haha. Last Monday night I was feeling pretty bold and good, so I asked
God to give me a mountain to climbFace with tears of joy I don't really know what I was
expecting and kind of threw a Elder Wright under the bus but hey, I
got my mountain! Because the next two days, we lost 2 baptismal dates
and 6 investigatorsFace with tears of joy just phone call after phone call, investigators
dropping left and was interesting hahah.

So Tuesday after English class we had already lost two and we headed
over to Adela's house!
So Adela was doing so so great. She was super excited for her baptism
and progressing a ton. Just blowing threw the BoM. So we met and she
told us she was super sad because her boyfriend stopped paying for her
piso from Germany and so she has to move. I was just stunned.
Because Fabricio was a week from his baptismal service and he randomly
left... Now Adela was 11 days from hers and she had to leave and take
her friend who was about 2 weeks from her baptism with her as well.
We get so close to a baptism and they
leave right before. My heart just broke, she was so sad. But we had a
super great lesson about baptisms for the dead and she's excited to do
her family history work. She's actually had dreams and said her
ancestors have visited her and now it makes complete sense to her that
she can do their work for them! It was a really cool lesson actually.
So she left for Madrid the next morning Unamused face

Wednesday afternoon is when we lost the other two investigators. Hahah
I just couldn't believe what was going on. So we accepted the mountain
that God had given us, thanked God for it, and hit the streets with
smiles on our faces and not skipping a beat! We still haven't found
anyone else in the past week but I know they'll come if we keep
working like we have been! It's been super humbling and Elder Howard's
prophecy has officially come true. He told me before I came to Toledo
that it was a great place to see miracles, but you have to allow God
to take you lower than you've ever been before, and I'd say that
that's pretty true right now! So we're just moving forward! It's been
fun and I have a strong testimony that God answers prayersFace with tears of joy

Also I found out the bishop here is literally a Spanish pioneer. He
was the first convert from the Canary Islands, the third missionary
from Spain, he basically opened Galicia and served in Vigo, and he's
the reason that there are missionaries in the islands as well. This
guy went. To. Work. Back in the day. He has some of the funniest
missionary stories I've ever heardFace with tears of joy him and I are best friends now
because we had a little heart to heart after sacrament meeting, good

Well I hope you all are doing good and keeping your heads ups! Gods
only as far away as your knees are from the ground! Keep pushing
forward and know God leaves you and I love you all almost as much as
him! Have a fabulous week!

Elder Gearig
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Another mountain
Another mountain

That good Mohawk swag

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