Monday, June 27, 2016

My Comp is a Hipster

Elder Wright in our "Armor of God"

It's only been 4 days and nothing's happened so this'll be short and
sweet. But good luck to Kara leaving this week for Mexico! And happy
birthday to my oldest brother Brandon! Keep it real.
Today we're going hiking to some caves by Elder Smiths area in
Talavera and Elder Wright is wearing sweat-shorts, a button up to the
top weird shirt, white vans and white nikes. Looks like this kid
rolled strait out of 11th gradeFace with tears of joy #ReadyToHike

Anyways I just have one story. This actually happened before last PDay
I just forgot to tell it. We were contacting in the street like we
always do and I stopped this guy and start talking to him. Basically
if there's a Latino in the street you make a b-line for them because
here's a better chance they accept the message. This guy was here for
a month from Mexico and left a couple days later. He knew a couple
Mormons back home (there's like a billion in Mexico) but knew nothing.
So I just started testifying to this guy that if he wanted salvation,
we knew how he could get it and he had to learn for himself. I'm
usually not that upfront but I just felt like doing it. I testified
about the Restored Gospel and the Book of Mormon and how he could have
more happiness and leave everything in the past.
He looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked "how can I be like
you? How can I leave my worries behind and move forward?" I told him
he needed to follow Christ and be like him, not me. I told him
everything he ever needs to leave his past behind was found in this
church and the BoM. He asked where he could get a book so I smoothly
slipped it in his hands and said it was a gift from Christ. He said
he'd read it and find the missionaries in Mexico which shouldn't be
hard to do. But this guys willingness just left me in awe. I know The
Spirit told me everything that guy needed to hear and made an impact
on him, you could tell he was feeling it. We all need to be more like
Jorge, like the dad of King Lamoni, willing to do whatever it takes to
inherit the kingdom of God. I know a seeds been planted and I'll never
see him again but I know he'll accept the gospel at some point!

I love president Uchtdorfs talk called "He will place you on His
shoulders and carry you home." He talks about the 1 lost sheep and
what's necessary to be worthy of having Christ rescue that one sheep.
He says "“Turn … to me.” “Come unto me.” “Draw near unto me and I will
draw near unto you.” This is how we show Him that we want to be
rescued. It requires a little faith. But do not despair. If you cannot
muster faith right now, begin with hope." All we need is to lift up
our heads and have some hope! He knows exactly where we are, and we're
never lost. Although we don't know where we are, He does. Turn to Him!

That's all I got. You're all the best and don't ever forget how much
God loves you all!

The 1 searchin',
Elder Gearig

We made the armor of God for this 10 year old here. Who did it better,
Elder Wright or Christian?

We made the armor of God for this 10 year old here. Who did it better,
Elder Wright or Christian?

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