Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just a regular week here in Leon....Monday August 29, 2016


Just a regular week out here in León! Don't remember a whole ton from
it but let's get it going.

Tuesday we stopped by this street contact we had who had searched the
Mormons on the Internet. He let us in and his apartment was thick of
smoke. He had an empty bottle of wine with coffee right next to it
haha. I literally could not speak. I'd open my mouth and I could feel
the smoke hitting my lungs haha. Then he says "I'm convinced your
church is right. Now prove me right." Lol okay man. So lesson 1, down.
Invitation to be baptized for the 24th, accepted. Said he'd read the
BoM in a week, yet to see. It was just super cool to see God prepare
this man and lead us to him. Yeah the WoW is gonna be a problem, but
this guy is looking really good right now. We went back Saturday. No
smoke. No alcohol. No coffee. So up until now he's looking good and
we're excited for him!

We were going through the area book last week and I called up this old
investigator Roberto. I took a different approach to the call and
after five minutes talking to him we were like best friends. Had a
lesson with him on Tuesday and he had the best questions in the world.
It's been over a year since he talked to the missionaries but he seems
a little different than what his sheet said about him. We was super
interested and willing to read and he said an amazing prayer to finish
it off. We'll follow up this week with him and hopefully he kept his
commitments! The work rolls on.

We met with Jeffy and he's reading and praying again! He still won't
come to church but he's super sincere in our lessons and is loving
everything, just got to get him reactivated! Super good kid, like 20
years old. Suuuuuuuper awkward though, but good(:

Had another lesson with Ivette, our atheist investigator. It's been
super awesome to explain who God is and His roll in our lives. She's
super super open and read the chapter we gave her and read even more
because she liked it so much! She loves the BoM and is so awesome and
prepared. 25 years of doing family history work until we found her,
Spirit of Elijah is strong with this one for sure. She's seriously
just the greatest, we're stoked for her as well(:

Thought: "Elder David B. Haight told a story about the sculptor
Michelangelo to illustrate the importance of seeing everything in
proper perspective: “As the sculptor was chiseling a block of marble,
a boy came every day and watched shyly. When the figure of David
emerged and appeared from that stone, complete for all the world to
admire, the boy asked Michelangelo, ‘How did you know he was in
I love this. Just like sculptors and artists need to see the final
result in their minds as they work, we as well need to have the end
result in our minds as we live. The things we do in this life will
affect what we receive in the one to come. We need to see the bigger

-This Dominican was sewing my pants and started telling us that blacks
run the world. He's like "who are the best athletes? The biggest
celebrities? Your president? Blacks." Kudos dude, I agree.👍🏼
-Miguel is trying to get me to help type his version of the bible
because I type fast. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I'll just
re-re-modify it back to the original form.

Have a fab week.

Spain Lovin,
Elder Gearig

throwback to singing and teaching in the park,  MTC/CCM 2015 
throwback pictures to the MTC/CCM 2015

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