Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The big picture

Alright so Thursday was zone training and I trained on how to amplify
our vision and see the big picture in everything we do. I drew this
application to football with the offensive coordinator up in the press
box and he can see everything going on on the field and that's God for
us and we need to trust in what he sees and do what he says. If I had
more time I'd explain better exactly how it was lol.
Ate pizza and played Mafia as a zone after so that was a good bonding
time and was really fun actually.

Friday morning we taught the less active that wants to come back and
get the priesthood. It was good, but before we left he showed us this
book he was writing and he's basically rewriting the bible to make it
more interesting and is going to publish it. We told him it wasn't a
good idea and doctrine shouldn't be changed and he got pretty offended
and won't answer his phone so we might have lost him as well...

Saturday was...interesting. This member calls us asking for help for
home teaching so we said yes. We go to this pueblo and he basically
kidnapped us to show us this renessaince fair thing. We were super
mad. He wasted our whole morning. At least he likes us enough to do
that though. And we saw bad acting and a fake battle.

Sunday we started church with like ten members there. Right before we
sang before the sacrament, our 89 year old investigator walks in and
yells  "buenos Días" twice haha. It was hilarious.

Here's a couple of thoughts to end.
The Master Highway builder.
The way to exaltation is not a freeway featuring unlimited vision,
unrestricted speeds, and untested skills. Rather, it is known by many
firms and turnings, sharp curves, and controlled speeds. Your driving
skill will be out to the test. Are you ready? You're driving. You
haven't passed this way before. Fortunately, the Master Highway
Builder, even our Heavenly Father, has provided a road map showing the
route to follow. He has placed markers along the way to guide you to
your destination.

James 1:22. Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.

Elder Gearig
Enviado por mi Liahona

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