Monday, November 28, 2016


Turkey legs

Happy anniversary you two👍🏾

Keep being the best parents out there, and go to the temple for me!

Hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! Especially those in the
states, I hope you ate enough to make up for those of us who are
outside of the USA. However, a member did prepare turkey legs for us
and we had a little thanksgiving dinner Thursday night. Still not the
same but better than last year when I ate octopuses 🐙

Well Monday and Tuesday we were in Madrid for MLC and played some
basketball and had a mini turkey bowl so I was content with life. Then
we had a thanksgiving lunch and PUMPKIN PIE. There's a Costco in
Madrid so Hermana Pack bought pumpkin die, I almost died. That's my
favorite thing about life and I almost went two years without it. Big
tender mercy.

Monday night we did exchanges with the APs and elder Boyd and I took
their car out to a pueblo and taught a cool lesson. I felt like I was
in Mexico, walking down a dark dirt road to an isolated house with
chickens and dogs. It was awesome(:

Thursday we had zone training so that's always fun to see all the
other missionaries for a few hours. We talked a lot about baptizing
and what we need to do to increase the quality of the teaching to
baptize more converts. It went well I feel like. Just need everyone to
put it into practice haha. Also introduced the missionaries to the new
Christmas initiative. Everyone, go to and participate in
the "25 ways.25 days" initiative! Miracles will happen.
Since it was thanksgiving and we are all American except like
four...we had a thanksgiving lunch! We had our Pakistan friends make
us a boat load of chicken so that's what we ate. After, we played the
name game (shouts @ squad) always....the boys blew it at
the end and the girls won...some things don't change. Me head hurt
from bad deja vu. 😶

But after, we had a lesson with Eric. And we met his family! His wife
was SO nice to us and he has two adorable little girls. We talked to
him and he continues to read and pray but still Has his doubts. Slow
and steady. We're hoping to start teaching his whole family and that
would be my first Spanish family on the mission. So we did a fast for
him this past weekend because they are exactly what this branch needs.

Kalifa is still doing awesome. Looking good for his interview this
Saturday and baptism next Sunday!

We also found a Honduran family. It's a BIG family and they're all
members except for the mom. They've all been inactive for a LONG time
but still know how to pray so that's good, they also loved their
missionaries from 2002. It was a huge miracle to find them in the
street a few weeks ago because nobody knows who they are. We're going
back on Friday but man, I'm without words. God is good. God is
realllllly good. We're super excited for this family (:

Well that wraps up the week! Pretty good week! Life's good, the
missions the best, and I'm happy. And very thankful for all of you,
especially my wonderful parents who had their anniversary last week!
You're all the best and share the light of Christ with everyone!

Elder Gearig

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