Monday, November 14, 2016

Ping pong paddles, pineapples, and prayers

Church from the eighth century, Sahagún, Spain.

Transfers came, and transfers went. Elder Reese and I got one more
transfer! That'll make it 4 straight for me here. But they shipped
Elder Wright out way too soon ):
Happy birthday to my elbow #2Years. I think that's it for shoutouts.

Well we had an action packed week out here in España! We'll see how
many details I remember to make this email somewhat short.

Tuesday and Thursday we met with Eric. He's such a beast. He's a
police officer here and a kick boxer on the side. Just a tough guy.
But he is super open to our message and currently progressing super
well! He offered his first prayer last week! He's such a sweet father
to his two little girls and said he walks in while they're asleep and
watches them for a few seconds before he goes to work. We watched a
video about fatherhood with him and he loved it. He prayed with us and
he even prayed by himself that night! He's such a stud! We're super
excited for him and hope to keep him going!

About a month ago, we gave a BoM to this lady in the street. We
finally were able to meet with her Saturday. Her names Elisa! She is
the sweetest, openers lady ever! She's Mexican but has lived her for
35 years so she's basically Spanish. She had already read in the BoM
without meeting us for a month! She is super open and totally willing
to read and meet with us. She's just the best. She told us that when
we contacted her in the street, she had gotten off work early or
something and was thinking about different churches and had been
visiting others a couple days and weeks earlier. She said she's been
thinking about us a lot lately and wants to learn! It was such a huge
miracle to have met her. We're visiting her again tonight(: Miracles!

Kalifa continues to be gold. This past week, he read over 100 pages by
himself! It was amazing! This guy is legit. He came to church
yesterday and loves saying hi to everyone, he's basically a better
member than most others haha. He's such a stud. We met with him this
morning and taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom and he's
down to keep them! He's hilarious and one of the happiest guys I've
ever met. Saturday we had two of his roommates with us as well and we
gave them BoMs and taught them about prophets and the Ten Commandments
and kalifa like took over and started teaching about the BoM, it was
awesome. He's looking good for the 10th!

Yesterday we had a sweet experience! This less active called us in the
morning asking for a blessing. So we visited her in the hospital that
afternoon and brought our Branch mission leader, Pedro, with us. This
man is such a huge example of member mission work. We walked in to her
room and there was another lady with her granddaughter in their. We
got talking with Adriana, the less active, and the others were
listening. Pedro invited them over and reads and preaches from the BoM
and I almost started crying, he was NOT gonna miss an opportunity to
share the gospel. We gave her the blessing and I felt a little
uncomfortable giving it right there in front of two random people, but
the Spirit calmed me down and we were able to give her a blessing.
Right after I said amen, the other lady was like "wait you guys are
Mormon missionaries?" And we were like yeah haha. Her friends daughter
married an RM and they live in Idaho and she actually knew a lot about
us! So we were able to give her a BoM and invite her granddaughter to
English class. It was a sweet experience. Super grateful for member
missionaries like Pedro and for God helping us out in many different

Friday we had a Noche de Rama (family home evening for the branch) and
talked about prayers and receiving answers. Got put to the test! Right
after, we all left but the gate wouldn't shut, it's electric and
wouldn't come down. We figured the power was out so we tried getting
into the breaker box, it was locked. So I offered a few silent prayers
and elder Reese did as well. He got a ping pong paddle and started
prying at the door while I banged on it making a beat and having fun
then POP, it opened! We got the power back on and the gate closed
haha. Ping pong paddles and prayers!
Also we cut a pineapple yesterday.

Love you all! Have a fab week.

Our piso smells like pineapple,
Elder Gearig

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