Monday, November 28, 2016

Inspired Pastries

Hey all πŸ‘‹
Happy turkey day this Thursday. I'll be participating in my first ever
turkey bowl today so wish me luck  πŸ¦ƒ 🏈
Also I think my parents anniversary is this week so congrats for
keeping it strong. πŸ‘

Well we had a stellar week out here in LeΓ³n. Things are rolling and I'm happy!

Monday during PDay we taught Kalifa a lesson on the word of wisdom and
law of chastity. He's in the clear πŸ‘πŸΎ such a good guy. He's looking
good for the 10th still.
Tuesday we had Eric and he read what we asked him and prayed! One of
my favorite things about being a missionary is teaching people how to
pray and the power behind it. It's super cool and humbling seeing
people who have never prayed give it a shot and feel the power behind
it. He's doing well(:

Wednesday I did an intercambio with elder baerwaldt. We did one back
in Toledo so it was fun to get back together. We had a stellar day
planned originally but we got a few phone calls which ended up with us
in the streets for five hours. Perfect time to see miracles(: and we
had a cool one! There was a woman and her daughter looking in a store
window and I was like Oh cool, let's see if they want anything. Then I
realized what store it was. It was an Italian lingerie store. Red
light. I was like No way, I'm sorry I won't do it. But I did anyways
and it was awesome. They're from Puerto Rico and we're really
interested! We taught them for about fifteen minutes then the daughter
wanted to play hide and seek inside so that's when we called it quits.
I gave her a BoM with a chapter to read and went to get her number.
They're super new to Spain so didn't have a number and my heart like
shattered when she told me that. I was super excited for them and
still am, but I know we planted a seed to be harvested in the future
when they're truly prepared.

Friday was awesome! We had Elisa again. She's the one we found a month
ago and gave a BoM too, then finally met with her last week and she
blew us away by her awesomeness. Well this lesson was nothing short of
our expectations. She's sharing the gospel with her friends at work!
She said she has three friends who are interested! She read and prayed
and she said so,etching about "your church" then paused and said "I
mean OUR church" and Reese and I were like flabbergasted. She's so
prepared. She's so awesome. We talked about the plan of salvation she
she loved it! She was asking golden questions and lives such a
charitable life. What was cool, is that when she was talking about how
she helps people so much regularly and has such a perfect heart, Reese
and I both looked at her with tears in our eyes and saw the future
relief society president of LeΓ³n. It was such a powerful lesson. We
were speechless after. We walked back in silence just trying to grasp
of what just happened. It was amazing.

That night we had a strong craving for some pastries from a bakery.
Usually you should probably work instead of buy muffins, but we gave
in. We bought our pastries, ate them quick, then left. Within 15
seconds we saw an old investigator who we lost contact with for two
months! She stopped us actually! It was super cool and we visited her
yesterday and are going back next Sunday. God inspires appetites
sometimes 😎

So elder Reese and I cover 2 areas now because one got shut down. We
went to the other, Benavente, on Saturday and met with the 4 members
that attend church there. We also met with an old investigator Ronnie.
He's an MMA fighter from the DR and is super legit! He's way cool. We
invited him to be baptized for the 23rd of December and he said yes!
So we'll be going back once a week. He's super cool.

Yesterday was insane. We were at the church getting read for Ward
council when Luci came running in bawling her eyes out. Nobody knew
what was going on but apparently she was in a bad car accident. We
took off sprinting down the street in our suits (in the opposite
direction) to go help the other three sisters still in the car. By the
time we got there (after turning around and sprinting the other way)
they were pulling one of the woman out, the others were in ambulances
and she was screaming. It was traumatic. We didn't know what to do. I
had my oil in my hand and we were looking for a chance to give some
blessings but weren't able to. The car was rolled around a tree and
the airbags didn't go off, and nobody was wearing a seatbelt. Then it
started raining. I felt like we were in a movie. It was so sad. We
still had church and everybody offered a prayer one by one at the
pulpit, it was kind of cool and a really spiritual sacrament meeting.
Luci's back hurt but she's fine. A 70 year old was fine. But the other
two are in rough condition. One broke her hip and split her head open
against the windshield and we visited her in the hospital last nit.

We always visit Luci's family Sunday nights and it was our turn for
the lesson. We talked about gratitud and being grateful ALWAYS. It
shouldn't take a traumatic car accident for us to appreciate the
breath God gives us every day, or for our safety, or health. But
sometimes God has to give us a wake up call. It could have been so
much worse but luckily it wasn't. Be grateful. Always!
Love you all and be safe this week!

Pastry eating,
Elder Gearig

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