Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brass monkey

Pictures of where we slung rocks last week with the senior couple. Gorgeous 😍

One week more out here in the canary islands! Had some more cool
experiences so I'll get down to it. Today we went to a monkey Park and
had a super good time and I fed some monkeys and it was just a blast,
but that's a different note.

Tuesday we were getting ready for English class and we got a phone
call from a guy who was waiting for us. So we got there and met
Alexander, this Cuban whom we never had seen before. He was wearing a
Cincinnati Reds hat so we got talking baseball, and he was a semi
professional player back in the day. He knows a bunch of pros and we
hit it off real quick. He asked some questions about the church and so
we taught him the restoration and he ATE IT UP like it was a change up
right down the middle. It was seriously such an awesome lesson. He was
so intrigued and offered the last prayer. We've been working so hard
to find people to teach and this one just fell out of the sky. Such a
big miracle and I'm so grateful for it and made sure God knew I was

Thursday our bishop and his wife invited us over for a family home
evening with an investigator of ours. We went and taught the
restoration and it was AWESOME as well! The bishop here is incredible,
an atheist converted to a beast, and the lesson was just amazing. His
girlfriend was there and she's a less active so it was a two for one
and just a solid lesson. THAT is missionary work right there ladies
and gentlemen. I felt almost useless being there because we showed up,
taught, and left haha. But the Spirit did it's job!

Saturday morning we met a new investigator in a park and right when
she got there this man who was running asked us to call him an
ambulance, then proceeds to pass out. He was a larger guy (hence the
exercise and asking an ambulance) and luckily I got my hand under his
head before it slapped the rocks. I had my hands on his head already
so I did what a priesthood holder does. A few seconds later he came to
and we got him to sit down. Minutes later he started dropping again so
I put my arm around him and he passed out on my shoulder haha.
Eventually the ambulance came and we had a good lesson with our new
investigator. It was a huge testimony to me of God putting us in the
right place at the right time! He was atheist so hopefully it had an
impact on him.

So conference is coming this week and we all need to prepare! The
woman's conference was amazing! All my questions were answered in 4
talks so I need to think of some new ones haha. I challenge you all to
ponder this week of questions you have, or what you need help with,
and have the faith that God will answer ALL of it through His living
prophets. It'll happen!

Monkey feeding,
Elder Gearig

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