Tuesday, March 14, 2017

He has sent me here AND The Pancake Man

Pix from last pday. Catch the wave!

Almost forgot to send a group email today haha whoops. But with that
said I don't have much time left, but happy birthday to my mom and
sister this week! You guys are the best!

So this past week was pretty good! Had some cool experiences and I'll
narrow it down to some I remember the most of.

Saul, our Lithuanian investigator, is progressing and going great! Had
a stellar lesson with him on Friday. He read the restoration pamphlet
and had a ton of questions. He thinks super deeply about religion and
things like this which is awesome! He's still "atheist" but I asked
him what he'd lose by trying to pray and he said "absolutely nothing.
I'll give it a shot." He said it'll take some time but he's gonna do
everything we ask him. He's such a boss! Love this guy.

Gabriel is also progressing and read and prayed and everything! Still
hasn't accepted a baptismal date but hopefully we can get him one this
week! Super cool kid and he's got a a bright future. Right after the
lesson he met the bishop and some other members so that was perfect
timing haha.

I just want to invite you all to go read the first chapter of the book
of Moses in the pearl of great price. Put your name in place of Moses
and feel the power behind this chapter! What do we do when Satan
tempts us? We need to respond like Moses did by saying "who art this?
For I am a son of God!" Satan can't TOUCH us if we don't let him.
Don't give him an inch because he'll take a whole yard. Show him who's
in charge and don't let him get to you. You are a child of God!

Elder Gearig

LAST WEEK ---  6 March 2017  THE PANCAKE MAN

Hello everybody! Hope everyone is doing well and that life is treating
them fabulous. This past week was pretty insane but we'll cover that
in due time. Shoutout to Bingham for winning state basketball again!
Football and basketball in the same year, pretty legit.
Also early birthday shootouts to the best sister four years older than
me and best mother in the world next week!

So in Latino countries they celebrate a thing called Carnival. This
past week was the biggest week of it. Santa Cruz has the 2nd biggest
carnival party in the world behind Rio de Janeiro. Basically this past
week has been shut down for missionary work. I don't even know how to
explain to you guys the wickedness I witnessed. Felt like I was
serving in Sodom and Gomorrah. Just don't look back! Or forward...or
up...or sideways...because people without clothes are everywhere. It
was rough 😐

But we managed to pick up a new investigator. His names Bruno and he's
19 and from Spain! Met with him in a park and it was INCREDIBLE. After
the first vision he was like "it's so true." And I was like why? So
two years ago he was preached to by a Catholic priest and he was
trying really hard to learn something. After, he went back to class
which was philosophy. He said what the priest taught didn't correspond
to the professors teachings. He started feeling nauseous and went to
the bathroom. He started pondering and explained what happened next
saying "a pillar of light penitrated my heart and it felt as if angels
were hugging me." And I was like "umm okay that's the best thing I've
ever heard.." Needless to say it was a solid lesson and this guy is

Down side is tight after we saw him walking with his philosophy
professor and said hi to him and his professor did not look happy...
But I've got the faith! This kids got a good future in the church. It
was solid.

I also made pancakes a ton this week. Made like 40 for missionary
correlation and they turned out perfect. Thanks Elder Reese for the
recipe 😎 call me the pancake man

That's the only lesson we taught and didn't really have any other
crazy experiences. Just a whole lot of iniquity. My poor companion. I
hope to have more stories next week! Have a good one!

Flap jack Flippin,
Elder Gearig

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