Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Where's the coverage?

Hello everybody! We've has quite the week out here and I wish I had
more time to tell you about it so let's see what I horse together

Anybody remember Bruno, the guy who had the pillar of light penitrated
his heart? Well we met with him again! And it was terrible. He said
his mother, doesn't want him to meet with us anymore. She thinks were
a cult and are racist and bad things happen and there's secretism and
nonsense. He said that and my heart cracked, but I didn't skip a beat
and we had a good talk actually. The spirit was quite strong and I
could tell he wanted to stay with us. I have no doubt he'll join the
church in a few years down the road. He's a great kid. I remember my
dad telling me before the mission that I'd cry more because of people
who KNOW it's all true, and walk away. I testify of that. It hurt real
bad. But my companion took it really hard and I had to act tough which
was really hard haha. So we left and started chasing people around the
streets trying to find a replacement. Got 7 numbers in an hour of kids
our age, it was incredible. If you lose one, God gives you 2.

Saul is doing good! Still being skeptical, but progressing and
learning! Had a super intense lesson with him about the BoM and
prayer. The new first vision video is super powerful and was a stellar
way to start the lesson. We'll see him Saturday (:

We had stake conference this weekend and it was great! Elder Johnson
of the area presidency came and visited us. I loved what our stake
president shared with us. He talked about cell phones. Many people
depend on their cell phones for information. But cell phones have a
battery that can die, and you have to have coverage. Not always
reliable eh? God is always there, best coverage of any company and its
free! Who wouldn't want that? Sadly, too many people. We need to take
advantage and turn to God for information!

Os quiero,
Elder Gearig

Went to some pyramids last week.

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