Friday, July 7, 2017

July 3, 2017 -- Merica. Baseball. Hotdogs

Went up to the mountains with the Hermanas and the senior couple, ate
hotdogs and the senior couple brought baseball gloves and an Hermana
here plays college softball so her and I tossed the ball around for
awhile and it WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. We flew Old Glory on top of the
Spanish mountains. Viva América.

Seriously that's all I can think of right now.

Last Monday we were hosting back to the Chapel to send emails and a
lady said "are you jehovas witnesses?" And we said "no. Can we talk
tomorrow?" And she said "tomorrow. 4 o'clock. Here." So we showed up
and she was there! Quickest lesson I've ever set up. She's kind of
crazy, and it wasn't a good lesson, but it was still cool haha.

The next day we decided to sit on a bench and make some calls. After a
few minutes this lady passes by and says "are you jehovas witnesses?"
Lol here we again. We said "no we're Mormons" and she sat down and we
taught her right there and gave her a BoM. It was a super cool
miracle! She's had a tough life full of drugs and abuse and it was so
sad listening but the atonement is so real! God definitely put us in
her path. 3 more weeks to go hard.

Our ward mission leaders friend has been feeding him antimormon stuff
and has sent him on the borderline of going inactive. Saturday we sat
him down and talked with him and it was such a powerful experience. We
cleared up his doubts and taught the plan of salvation and then
testified of Joseph Smith. He said "everything you just said is what
Pineda (member) told me as well..." And we just sat in silence as the
spirit hit him. He continued to bear a strong testimony about
missionary work and had me in tears. 3 more weeks to go hard.

Yesterday Juan bore his testimony for the first time in sacrament
meeting and did such a good job! He said some things I didn't know
about, like how hard his life was searching for the truth and right
when he wanted to give up, we found him in the street. I knew he was
looking at me and didn't dare look at him because I knew I'd lose it.
So I stared at my shoes and cried instead. 3 more weeks to go hard.

Those are some things that happened! Super grateful for this gospel in
my life and all the little details that have helped shape me.
Seriously there are so many things that have happened that have turned
into huge blessings. Look for the details! Love you all!

Next week we have another excursion so I shouldn't have any time again, sorry!

Detail searchin,
Elder Gearig

Pictures from our hike last week

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