Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017 Talent show and getting kicked out

We'll I'm currently in a barbershop watching some Uruguayan chop my
companions hair off and don't have much time. We also did a 10 Km hike
that took 4 hours, And I didn't write down the highlights so I forgot
everything that's happened except for a couple things so let's get it!

We've had a heat wave here do we've been dying lately.
Temperature-wise hasn't been terrible according to the thermometer.
But we're affected by the Sahara so when the sand comes, it traps
everything. It's been miserable, idk how to explain it. Wow.

Monday night Juan cut my hair, did a good job so I'm a happy camper.
Nothing better than a free haircut! That's a lie, because Elder priest
cut my hair once and that was a different story...

Tuesday we ate dinner with Juan and we were wrapping up when the owner
of his apartment came in and starting yelling at us and told us we
weren't welcome there and not to come back. Juan was super embarrassed
and apologized after he left, then the guy came up and tried speaking
to me in English and yelled at us again. It was real uncomfortable and
I just felt bad for the guy. Like we have something that could change
your life but he kicked us out... But Juan got a new place and it's
way better!

Monday night I felt we should walk instead of take the tranvía (trax)
so we did, and within 5 minutes I had this lady from Guatemala stopped
and a solid conversation going. My comp is from Salvador so their
neighbors and we were having a good time! Got her number and met with
her on Friday! It was SO solid! God's been preparing her for a long
long time and I just had this unexplainable feeling while teaching
her. I know she's getting baptized. I won't be here for it but she's
getting in that water! She had golden questions and just ate it up!
Some members were cleaning the Chapel during the lesson and one just
randomly sat in with us and turned out to share a strong testimony
that really got through to Yareni. It was amazing!

Saturday was the talent show we threw together and it was hilarious!
We had things from the saxophone to a Michael Jackson impersonator, to
a seaworld show (us missionaries) and the members loved it! Elder
Campbell (senior missionary) and I did something that brought the
house down haha. I was behind a screen and put my arms through his
shirt and we did his morning routine, it was hilarious I need to find

As a mission we started the BoM again this past week and are going to
finish it before the end of the transfer (4 weeks) so we've been
reading pike crazy and I'm LOVING IT. I actually finished it again
personally this past week so the timing was perfect. I wish I had time
to wrote about my feelings for that book, but it's true!

Love you all! Next week we have an excursion with an investigator
planned so I don't think I'll have much time to write, just a heads

G Preaching,
Elder Gearig

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