Monday, June 12, 2017

Cuba 🇨🇺 and playing Hard to Get

Hey what's up hello 🔥 🐣 hope everyone had a solid Holy Week! These
Spaniards sure throw down for La Semana Santa, full week of no work
and lots of festivities which made it a rough week to work, but we had
a STELLAR week out here! Making the most of what we got!

Nothing really happened until Wednesday, we had a full day lined up
and everything worked according to Schedule! We had Elder Trassierra
with us for the day and it was solid. We met with Carmen, a new
Colombian investigator and had a solid first lesson with her. The
spirit was strong as always and she really liked it! Has a lot of
intent on finding the true church of God and we answered a lot of her
questions she had. She said she'd come to church and she didn't, but
we have a lesson tonight so I'm excited!

We met with Jonathan again and instead of reading the restoration
pamphlet he decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie haha. He loved it!
He loves Joseph Smith! My heart was so full just listening to him talk
about what he thinks of Joseph Smith, it was amazing!

Thursday we met with Juan, this Cuban guy with 24 years that we found
last week. He came and it was a lesson I probably won't ever forget.
He is so ready. He said he's been looking for Gods church his whole
life and has never felt right about anything. He said he knows God
sent us to him to guide him there. He accepted the 20th of may for
baptism and we ,eat again Saturday and he was like "I haven't been
able to read very much, sorry.." and said "I've only read the first 7
chapters" then proceeds to tell us Nephi story until chapter 8 haha.
So we were definitely happy people! He's amazing, came to church and
stayed all three hours. It was ward conference so there was a lot of
handraising and sustaining and he probably thought it was weird, but
it was Easter Sunday so the spirit was very strong. Such a solid guy,
super excited for him! He could use some prayers.

Alexander, our semi professional baseball friend, also from Cuba, came
to sacrament meeting and liked it as well! Haven't been able to meet
with him for three weeks but he came to church so I think he's still
interested! He just got a new job and what not, such is the life.

Haha elder trassierra is 100% Spanish and we had a good time together.
My comp is a shy and timid character, which is the opposite of
trassierra. Haha but he's just hilarious and was having some fun with
my companion and since my comp doesn't talk with a lot of people in
the street, trassierra said it's because he's "playing hard to get"
lol, so he has a new nickname now 😂

I'll send photos later, love you all!

Do work,
Elder Gearig

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