Monday, June 12, 2017

Baptisms and musical numbers

Hello everybodyyyyyy.

This week was super great! Like I said last week, I knew it was going
to fly by and it sure did! Quicker than I thought! It felt like all
week was spent traveling by plane and bus haha.

Wednesday we ate the best Paella I've ever had. I love Spain.
Caught a flight to Gran Canaria for zone conference the next day.
Picked Elder Reese up from the airport so you already know how that
night went hah. We woke up and went running and threw the football
around for a little bit before we had to go to Las Palmas. Felt good
to stretch the legs a little with a future teammate.

Zone conference was stellar! Elder Wade gave his dying testimony which
hit me hard because he's a close friend and that's me next transfer.
Crazy to think that 2 years turned to 2 months that quick...

Saturday was Juans baptism! All day was spent prepping for it and I
didn't feel stressed until like 30 minutes before when I realized Juan
wasn't there still, and neither was my musical number. Juan got there
and he forgot an extra pair of underwear so that'll be a baptism he
won't ever forget haha. As the service started, we were missing the
opening prayer and second talk. I was freaking out on the inside.
First prayer never showed up but the speaker eventually did and gave
an interesting talk haha.
I always played "Come thou fount of every blessing" with a choir of 4
for a musical number. YES I said I PLAYED THE PIANO. Shouts to elder
Reese for teaching me. It was really good actually I was quite
Then I had the opportunity to baptize Juan! Haha I dunked him pretty
hard and sent a friendly wave at the witnesses that were there #oops
haha. It was awesome. I'll never forget his smile as he came up out of
the water! He gave a great testimony after and it was just solid.
He was confirmed yesterday, y received the priesthood and was set
apart as the second councilor in the young men's presidency so he was
overwhelmed with a lot of things but it all ended up good!

David came to church as well and loved it! His mom's still in Valencia
so we haven't seen the whole family in awhile but we sent her a random
message this last week letting her know we're still thinking about her
and wishing her a good day and it was super inspired! Because in that
moment she was super sad and whatnot so God definitely can inspire
text messages haha.

That's the week! Yall should go read President Uchtdorf talk Grateful
in any Circumstances from, April 2014, it's amazing! Love you all!

Work doin,
Elder Gearig

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