Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017 By the numbers.

Hey everyone! Hope yall have had a good week! Things are doing swell
out here in paradise and I can't complain! We've had a good week and
I'll see if I can't remember some highlights for Ya! Let's get it by
the numbers.

4. BoMs given away. Tuesday and Wednesday I was on a different island
with my boy Elder Brock for exchanges! We had a blast! He's become one
of my best friends out here so it was awesome to get to destroy his
area with the gospel. We gave away some BoMs and took some cool
selfies with them which I'll attach. Played basketball against like 20
Filipinos and I felt like yao ming. It was a lot of fun! We talked to
3 17 year old girls for like 30 minutes about how we can Come to know
God and how He has blessed us, and it was cool being in the middle of
Babylon but teaching the gospel to these girls who could probably use
it. It was a really cool experience! We had a blast!

24: final count of mosquito bites after waking up Wednesday morning.

6: amount of times Raรบl threw up WHILE DRIVING us to his little farm.
It was quite scary but looking back on it, still being alive, it's
pretty funny. Poor guy. Bless his heart.

1: number of corvettes I've seen on my mission and it was this past
week. The guy saw me taking a picture and stopped in the middle of the
road just so I could take a picture of his car haha.

1: transfer left. I'm super grateful for this opportunity to represent
Jesus Christ and am excited to give these last 6 weeks everything I
have and leave it all out on the field. There's no calling more
important than this one I currently have and these people of Santa
Cruz deserve the best.

17: number of weeks I've been trying to get in contact with this
recent concert less active and we finally got a lesson set up! It was
awesome! Her names Paula and she was confirmed,ed last June and never
came back. But she said it's a sign from God that we were sitting in
front of her and that she needs to put her priorities straight. She
failed on coming to church but she invited us back so we'll take what
we can get for now! Her husband did come to church for the first time
in awhile though!

Juan blessed he sacrament yesterday for the first time and I had a
front row view! It was super cool. He's made a ton of progress and
it's the best being able to see people progress in the gospel and make

Sorry for all the pictures I have to send, a lot has happened!

Do work,
Elder Gearig

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