Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunburnt and happy 🍅😉

Army museum last week!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I think my inspired subject
line sums up how I am haha. Played soccer Saturday and didn't bring
sunscreen so yeah haha. But we got 5 investigators and two less
actives there so it was worth it I guess.

Happy birthday to my little nephew Lane! Miss that lil guy. And to
Elder Hallzy out there in PA! Miss that lil guy too 😏

So Elder Rodriguez and I are having a good time. Last Monday we
visited this Colombian family and everyone was there for the first
time ever! Haha it was a solid lesson and we got to know the other
kid, David! Jorge and David both came to soccer and David wants to
start coming to English class so we're happy. For the first lesson
together, it was straight fire. Haha we teach well together which
makes it super fun, we just gotta find more people to teach!

Juan is doing good! Taught him about tithing and he liked it! After
the lesson he asked if he could ask for some advice. I always feel
inadequate when people ask for advice, then I think why else would
they ask 20 year Olds for advice? If we weren't representatives of
Jesus Christ then they wouldn't! It's always an honor to wear this
name everyday and help others come closer to their Savior!
Then the "opposition in all tthings " kicked in.
His uncle got hit by a car.
His best friend doesn't want him to join our church.
And we haven't had a lesson since last Tuesday because of it.
BUT! He came to church WITH HIS MOM and she absolutely LOVED it! The
members did such a good job and it was just solid. We should see him
tonight but he needs some prayers. I wanna share a story with you guys
about him.
So last fast Sunday in April, I fasted for one reason: to be led to
someone who's searching the truth and will be baptized. Boom. Found
Juan. So I told him that and he proceeded to tell me that he got home
from work that night late and was exhausted. He saw us and thought "oh
great, what are they gonna sell me?" And planned to walk past us
without letting us say anything. I tried stopping him and he looked at
me while he walked past and we just locked eyes for a few seconds and
he stopped a few feet behind me. I handed him a picture of Christ and
there's where it all started. He said he felt as if something grabbed
him and pulled him towards me. Every time we talk he thanks me for
stopping him and was so proud of introducing me to his mom as "the guy
who introduced the church to me." Moments like that are life changers.
He's looking good for next Saturday!

Love you all and may God lead you all to the people whose lives you can bless!

Work doin,
Elder Gearig

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