Monday, June 12, 2017

Bears, beets, battle star galactica also HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Happy mothers day to all the mothers on this last, and future mothers
haha. And future people who will have mothers of their children, or
anyone who has a mother or knows someone with a mother. That should
include everyone.  But mines the best so yall can fight for second

Happy birthday to elder Reese tomorrow.2️⃣0️⃣

Had a good week here!

We found a less active kid of 17 years which was super cool because
I've been trying to find him for three months and we finally got him!
Super cool and chill kid who doesn't do much with his life but he's
down to meet with us and stuff so it was a cool little miracle!

David, this 16 year old Colombian, has started coming to English class
and we were able to teach him a couple times! He's so cool! He loves
being with us and talking about God, He's investigated other churches
and said he likes the way ours feels and that we don't judge people
like other churches! Hopefully he'll keep coming like he said he will!

Juan is doing great! Had a scare last week but it was just bad
communication so we cleared it up and he had his baptismal interview
right after a baptism the Hermanas had on Saturday and he passed! He's
super excited for this Saturday and yesterday in church everyone was
congratulating him and it was just solid! He sent me a long text last
night saying how there aren't words to express his gratitude for
"opening his eyes" and whatnot, I should have taken a picture of it
haha he's so prepared! Love this guy, He's got a super bright future
in the church!

Funny story: Hermana Robertson and I both love the office so the other
day I shot her a quote and we were dying laughing. It was "fact. Bears
eat beets..." And Elder Campbell (70 year old Ranger-rick
forest-legend scout-master knows everything about nature) says
"actually that's not a fact, bears very rarely eat beets" and Hermana
Robertson and I look at each other, and just like fell on the floor
laughing lol. This may not be funny to you guys but I was dead 😂
bears, beets, battle star galactica..

This week is gonna fly! were flying to another islands
Wednesday night for zone conference then juans baptism SATURDAY!


Get dunkin',
Elder Gearig

Said bye to Gabriela, the crazy Brazilian.

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