Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 19, 2017 "How to die for dummies" ft. Swaganana

Little activity with our recent converts. #bananabreadandpancakes

Hey hey hey! Hope the weeks been good because ours sure has! Every
week on the mish is a good week, regardless of the "success" we've
had. Always a pleasure to represent Jesus Christ!

We'll first I'll explain my subject line. This past Thursday we had a
3 hour long meeting with a matrimony couple in Madrid and all the
missionaries who are going home this transfer. I'm sure the meeting
was great for those missionaries in Madrid...but I'm 1000 kilometers
away and we did it over Skype basically with other missionaries from
different parts of the mission, and it didn't work for us. On the
bright side, I have a lot of screens shots of Elder Smith haha. But I
called it the "how to die for dummies" meeting where they taught us
how to adjust to home life and whatnot. I think that's what they
addressed at least, like I said, the connection didn't work haha.

Second part, where we went today: Taganana. Dubbed Swaganana. It's beautiful.

We got a couple new missionaries to our district here, so I was
calling them this past week to get to know them to figure out how I
can better serve them and whatnot. The new Hermana asked me how many
baptisms I've had on my mission. I told her that that didn't matter
and she already knew that but she was just curious, so we got talking
about my areas and it was super cool to look back on the past 22
months and see fruits. See people I found that got baptized after I
left, see people I taught that got baptized months later, see less
actives who are now active. It just recomfirmed to me that we never
really know the fruits of our labors. And those fruits aren't the only
thing that defines us as people either. As long as we ourselves are
turning into who God needs us to be, we're being successful in life.

Yesterday we shared a video in a FHE called "my Kingdom is not of this
world" which is about 5 minutes about Christ and His ministry. The
only word I had to explain my feelings after was "amazement." It's
amazing what He did for us. There's no words in any language to
properly define what he really did for us. It's truly amazing the
amount of love he has for us to do what he did, to suffer what he
suffered, to ensure all that he endured, just so we have the
opportunity to become clean and become better people. Its the greatest
thing in the world to be able to testify of Him: that He lives.

Love you all!

Nana-Taga, Taganana,
Elder Gearig

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