Monday, June 12, 2017

May 29, 2017 Palm Trees and Penguins

Doing language study Inn he shade 😎

Happy memorial day!
I'm also the worst and forgot to say happy birthday to Elder Osaka
Kendell and Bella housel #theworst.

Not a whole ton has happened this week but I feel like I say that
every week haha.

Last Monday after pday we had a lesson with this crazy Cuban who read
30 chapters of the old testament and picked. God. Apart. Like every
little detail she picked apart. She drew on a white board of how God
is an ego maniac and power hungry and all these things. It was quite
sad to see someone look at things from such a negative point of view.
But it helped me see how much patience I've grown on the mission
because 18 months ago I would have blown up on her, but I held it cool
and we ended up having a super good discussion about the plan of
salvation and whatnot, it was pretty insane though!😅

Yesterday was cool. Juan showed up to church and invited one of his
friends to come with him. I introduced myself to his friend and I knew
her! And she knew me! She was like "yeah you stopped me in the street
a couple months ago!" Although we had a good conversation, she didn't
give us her reference so we didn't have contact. But in this small
world of ours, she happens to be a friend of our recent convert who
invited her and she came and liked it! It was cool to see a little
seed planted months ago grow into something a little bigger and she's
got potential so it should be good!

Juan is doing great with his new calling! He's had presidency meetings
and is taking it into stride! He's inviting his friends to hear the
gospel and it reminds me of Lehi after taking the fruit and desiring
his family to partake of it as well! It's super fun seeing him grow
and he asked us last night if he could work with us tomorrow since he
has work off and go contacting with us and stuff! Haha this guy is
truly one of those "elect" people you hear about...

Well I hope everyone is healthy and doing well! Life is good out here
and we're wrapping things up on the transfer! Have a fab week!

Do work,
Elder Gearig

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