Monday, June 12, 2017

June 5, 2017 Rainforests and 12000 feeeeet

Hey everyone! Got no time today, we went up to the highest point of
Spain today and just got back so I gotta make this quick!

We had a good week here in Santa Cruz and I'll share a couple highlights!

Juan didn't have to work Tuesday so he asked if he could work with us
for a little bit. He was with us all day! 11-10! Haha he loved it and
wants to serve a mission now! We had some cool experiences with him!
We were walking down the street and my head snapped to the left
randomly and I got a glimpse of a BYU hat. I chased the guy down and
he was here with the US Navy on tour and is from salt lake city! Haha
he hadn't talked to his family in awhile so I invited him to the
capilla to use our WiFi. He's been less active for awhile now and so
it was a good opportunity to let him know God is looking out for him.
It was such a cool experience and he has some crazy stories!

We started teaching juans mother as well! We taught her twice last
week and she CA,E to church again for all three hours and loved it!
She's super prepared and has been to a lot of different churches so
she understood the apostasy pretty easily haha. Juan and her started
watching the Joseph Smith movie together so hopefully that helps! She
had a really good spiritual experience yesterday at church do were
excited to do some follow up!

Also our friend David came again! He's 16 and colombian and such a
good kid! After young men's he looked at me and said "I just received
my first testimony" with tears in his eyes so I pulled him into a room
and we talked for a sec. God's giving him many opportunities to change
his friends lives and the lesson was on priesthood and how we can use
it to bless others and it hit home with him! We're gonna see if we can
get him a date here soon!

That's all I have time for today! Love you all! I have such a strong
testimony about fasting, if we do it with faith God will answer us!
Have a good week!

Coming up, coming down.
Elder Gearig

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